Anna Zuckerman Luxury Featured in Jackie Aina's Cosmopolitan Black History Month Photo Shoot

Anna Zuckerman Luxury Featured in Cosmopolitan - Anna Zuckerman Luxury

Beauty influencer Jackie Aina wore Anna Zuckerman Luxury in a Cosmopolitan feature for Black History Month and the photos are STUNNING.   

When you consider that the official Anna Zuckerman Luxury line of ethically-sustainable, lab cut, demi-precious jewelry only officially launched in late 2020, the early onset of high-profile pop culture appreciation has been as surprising as it has been gratifying.

Not only were we included in the amazing photo shoot by beauty influencer Jackie Aina ( for Cosmopolitan’s Black History Month feature in Feb, she wore no less than 6 different pieces (Grace 06 ring in emerald green, Diana 05 ring in argyle pink, Arabella 01 ring in canary yellow, Olivia 02 butterfly ring, Olivia 16 earrings, and our Arabella 12 earrings in canary yellow)!

We would like to thank the following people for their amazing work on the look:

Products Featured in Cosmopolitan:

It is an absolute honor to be in this Cosmopolitan feature and we look forward to future partnerships with them.