6 Ways to Wear a Tennis Bracelet

6 Ways to Wear a Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is the ultimate jewelry box asset. This versatile jewelry design mixes well with almost all other jewelry. It’s also appropriate for virtually every occasion. Whether you’re headed to work, a black tie gala, or your neighborhood coffee shop, a tennis bracelet will ensure you look chic and appropriate. As if that weren’t enough, tennis bracelets are timeless, so they’ll be fashionable for a lifetime. 

Discover more about what makes the tennis bracelet so special in this tennis bracelet styling guide. We’re detailing the important information you should know about this classic bracelet style, then sharing 6 ways to wear it. 

What is a Tennis Bracelet? 

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that features a line of diamonds or gemstones. These gemstones are connected by a slim precious metal chain that features gemstone settings. Diamond tennis bracelets, also known as diamond line bracelets, are the most popular type of tennis bracelet. 

Why is it Called a Tennis Bracelet? 

The name “tennis bracelet” was coined after tennis star Chris Evert famously lost her bracelet during a US Open match in 1987. She asked the officials to pause her match after her diamond bracelet fell off, then searched for it while TV viewers and spectators looked on. 

Chris Evert was known for both her skills as a tennis player and her style. The diamond eternity bracelet she wore during matches was already well known even before the famous match in 1987. After the match made the bracelet even more famous, the public started referring to all diamond eternity and diamond line bracelets as tennis bracelets, and the name stuck.

What is Total Carat Weight?

Total carat weight or carat total weight refers to the combined carat weight of all the diamonds or gemstones featured in a piece of jewelry. Jewelers often use this term to describe the carat weight of fine jewelry pieces that feature multiple small diamonds or gemstones, including tennis bracelets and diamond stud earrings. 

Six Ways to Wear a Tennis Bracelet 

  1. Dress Up a Casual Look


Anna Zuckerman Anastasia 42 Crystalline Tennis Bracelet

You can use a tennis bracelet to dress up any look. Throw on a tennis bracelet and a simple jeans and t-shirt look instantly become more sophisticated. Tennis bracelets look lovely with so many casual ensembles, so try wearing one with all your favorite low-key looks and see which combinations you love most.

  1. Pair With a Watch 

A tennis bracelet can look stunning alongside a watch. The key to styling a tennis bracelet with a watch is to make sure the two pieces have at least one design element in common. The easiest jewelry element to match is precious metal color. For example, a stainless steel watch will look lovely alongside a white gold diamond tennis bracelet, since both pieces are silver in color. Similarly, a yellow gold tennis bracelet will complement a gold watch, and a rose gold tennis bracelet will look at home alongside a rose gold watch.

  1. Wear for Special Occasions 

A tennis bracelet is an invaluable piece of jewelry to have on hand when you’re getting dressed up. Whether you’re headed to a wedding, a fancy corporate gala, or any other upscale event, a tennis bracelet will provide the elegance and glamour you need to look your best. 

For the ultimate black tie jewelry look, pair a tennis bracelet with a tennis necklace. If your neckline can’t accommodate a necklace, opt for another diamond jewelry classic, like a pair of diamond studs. 

  1. Embrace Color 

One of the biggest jewelry trends this year is colorful jewelry. A colorful tennis bracelet offers an approachable way to experiment with styling colorful jewelry. You can go all-out with a gemstone tennis bracelet or try wearing an alternating gemstone design that offers both shimmer and color. 

  1. Add Sparkle to a Bracelet Stack 

A tennis bracelet is always a welcome addition to a bracelet stack. Whether you’re layering up on bangles, chain bracelets, charm bracelets, cuffs, or all of the above, a tennis bracelet will add the perfect amount of sparkle and texture to a layered bracelet look.

  1. Wear Everyday With Your Wedding Rings 

A classic tennis bracelet is a perfect accent to your engagement ring and wedding band. The delicate profile and mesmerizing sparkle of a tennis bracelet will complement your bridal set, without overshadowing it. A tennis bracelet also looks lovely with other everyday rings, so ring-lovers everywhere can enjoy having a tennis bracelet in their everyday jewelry rotation. 

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