Anna Zuckerman Dazzles at Delray Beach Fashion Week

Anna Zuckerman Dazzles at Delray Beach Fashion Week - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

With accessories for every look, the demi-precious collections were a massive hit as the exclusive jewelry on the 10th Anniversary runway



The Anna Zuckerman offices were abuzz for days leading up to the Delray Beach Fashion Week (last Feb 23 thru 27), and not just because of the hundreds of swag and VIP bags (each with a complementary set of Anastasia diamond crystalline stud earrings) which weren’t going to assemble themselves! We had been invited to participate in an amazing way, and wanted to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. After all, it’s not often you get to be the exclusive provider of accessories for several days of runway shows!


It wasn’t just the 10th Anniversary of the award-winning event held by Delray’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA), it was the first full event in a couple of years due to distancing requirements. Much appreciation is due to Laura Simon, Executive Director of the DDA, as well as Glavidia Alexis of Glavidia Hair Studios for showcasing our diamond simulants pieces right there on NE 2nd Avenue. Without them we would have never been given the opportunity. And what an opportunity it was!


Wednesday night was the Living in Paradise kickoff runway show and fashion experience. No matter the style of the fashion or the complexion of the models, the Anna Zuckerman renewable and sustainable pieces sparked like fireworks from the flashing lights, and gave the impression each woman was wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in fine jewelry.

Delray Beach Fashion Week Nighttime

They were not. As always, the rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all had a median price of just $199, and the fact that they only LOOK expensive became a regular refrain over the next few days.


Team Anna Z (led by our COO, Amanda Dawes, armed with several years’ experience in helping produce this very event) returned for the Colors of the Tropics fashion show and luncheon on Thursday, the Shop & Stroll through Downtown on Friday, and even the Sand & Sea swim show fashion event on Saturday, with a versatile combination of pieces accentuating every look.

Delray Beach Fashion Week daytime events 

More than 30 Delray Beach clothing and footwear retailers were featured on the stage at the Park at Old School Square, and more models than we could possibly thank here. We do want to make a few honorable mentions though to girls like Fabinne, Kasey Elizabeth, and Danielle Marie, who all passionately embraced the line, and all of whom we look forward to working with again soon.


And of course none of it would look quite as glamorous after were it not for the skilled eyes of Humberto Vidal and Debra Somerville, the accomplished photographers keeping up with the hectic pace of this sort of multi-day show.


Those who didn’t stop in to see us missed out on our champagne and snacks, which local readers might want to keep in mind for next year. In every sense, the event was a remarkable success, and Team Anna Z is already looking forward to next year!

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