Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury: Everywhere You Want to Be this Spring

Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury: Everywhere You Want to Be this Spring

AZL is personally inviting you to join us...pretty much everywhere! 


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As most people reading this might know,
Anna Zuckerman Luxury launched online November of 2020, and opened our flagship retail location in March of 2021. Since then, we put a lot of energy into marketing the collection, with slightly less emphasis being placed on the incredible storefront in Mizner Park. That began to change earlier this month when we renewed efforts towards showcasing the store. 


Announcing Anna Zuckerman Mizner on Facebook! 
The real trick to appreciating the value of our accessories is seeing them up close and personal. There are currently more than 600 independent jewelry stores across this country (and 5 other nations), who offer our perfect marriage of fashion and luxury, but so far only one bearing the Anna Zuckerman name over the door! 

People who like and follow Anna Zuckerman Mizner will get the early word on store-specific specials, updates on any new items becoming available, tips and hints on great looks via AZL, and much more! 


Are you BeckyinBoca Experienced? 

Becky in Boca

An additional way to promote our Anna Zuckerman Luxury location in Boca Raton has come to us via ”Becky In Boca!” Becky Roberts is an established on-air personality in the South Florida area. She has parlayed her broadcast experience into an enormously popular and successful weekly show that spotlights all the latest and greatest things to do in Boca Raton, and she and Anna have hit it off like reunited cousins! 
Anna even invited Jim Fredrick, her communications director and co-host of the Anna on the Rocks (with a Twist) podcast, the results being a lot of footage on the editing room floor, but all with a ton of laughs. Wind them up and watch them go!  

You have to “Like” the page to see the shenanigans, but once you’re in, feel free to check out our March 3rd, February 10th, January 20th, and December 30th shows, as well as any new craziness sure to be streaming soon. 


Speaking of the Podcast 

Anna on the Rocks (with a Twist) is seven episodes into its run and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon! Every week, Anna and Jim tackle subjects above and beyond demi-fine jewelry, including religion, politics, marriage, and anything else that might get them into trouble...but mostly just to make you laugh. 

“People love the podcast, and they laugh, and they shake their heads, and then they ask me, ‘why, Anna? Why do something so risky? Why talk so candidly when you might offend someone?’ And I tell them, it is because I LOVE to laugh, and making someone else laugh is one of the best feelings in the world!” 

All episodes, from the ridiculous to the sublime, can be streamed on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Audible, as well as on the Anna Zuckerman YouTube channel! 

Anna on the Rocks (with a Twist)

Getting Back on the Road 

Continental Buyer’s Group retreat in Orlando in January? Check. Atlanta Jewelry Soho Show in February? Check! AJS Miami in March? Done and done! We’re gearing up for the Accessories Council ILOE in Chicago this weekend (Mar 27th – 29th), and already have eyes on the ginormous JCK show in Las Vegas this June! If you know of any trunk shows, popup shows, fashion shows, or anything in between that could benefit from affordable fashion that looks crazy expensive, drop us a line below! And stop back here frequently for more news and updates!

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