AZL effectively hosted Ron Thurston Day this week  
and it could not have been more fun! 


As we mentioned in our previous blog, Anna and Ron Thurston, author of Retail Pride, met last November at the prestigious Accessories Council Excellence (or ACE) Awards in New York City. They became immediate friends and vowed to keep in touch, so when Ron decided to make Miami part of the kickoff to his Retail in America tour, Anna *had* to have him up to Boca for a day. 

The broadcast week started early for Anna and her sidekick comedian Jim Fredrick. Brian Howie, the writer, producer and host of The Great Love Debate has been inviting the pair (mostly Anna) to sit in on his show for some time. Finally, a window opened last Tuesday, and the Anna on the Rocks cohosts met with Brian to record his podcast at her flagship store in Boca Raton. 

Anna and Jim on The Great Love Debate

Brian was genuinely impressed with the diamond alternatives he saw all around him, and the only real debate was whether someone is obligated to tell their potential spouse that an engagement ring that looks that good is demi-precious jewelry (to which we always vote YES, please be honest, no matter how amazing it looks!). The final podcast is still being produced, but Facebook fans of Anna can see her FB Live here. 

Coming off the heels of that recording, Anna and Jim were ready to welcome Ron the next day, first to join them on their podcast, then to sign copies of Retail Pride in the very same store that dazzled Brian. 

The podcast at 2PM was a fun, relaxed, breezy conversation about favorite retail jobs, why Anna considers hustling counterfeit shoes in Russia before turning 13 to be a legitimate retail position, really awful Passover/Easter gifts, and scads more. While we normally take several days to produce the raw podcast feed into a YouTube video, the episode was so formative, we wanted to upload it before everyone was on vacation. That way, if you need a distraction from the family during a religious holiday weekend, we have you. Click here. 

 Ron and Anna at Retail Pride Signing

Finally, everyone converged on the store, but it was more like a cocktail party than a book signing. A little champagne, some enjoyable conversation, and a handful of sales make for a delightful start to a Wednesday evening. 

Ron Thurston Going Outside the Box

It was so busy inside, a fellow vendor from the Mizner shops felt she could not leave her store but had been in retail for over 20 years and was keenly interested in what Ron had to say. So, Ron stepped out and took a moment to connect with her separately, and to sign a copy for her (Anna’s gift, as she is a firm believer of everyone in retail getting inspiration from this book). 
Ron left Boca for an appearance in Miami the next day, then off to New York and Boston, and then their Airstream is due for delivery, which is where he and his husband will live for the rest of this year while seeking out stories of retail life and retail pride across the country. We have our fingers crossed that he will be back to see us at the end of his journey, because we want all the secrets of the new book before anyone else! 
Be sure to stream Anna on the Rocks (with a Twist), with new episodes each week, and stop by here for more updates on Anna Zuckerman, the collection, the store, and the incomparable personality. See you soon!

Episode 11