Anna Zuckerman Luxury Spotlights National Sales

Anna Zuckerman Luxury Spotlights National Sales - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

How do you promote jewelry redefined?  
Put the experts to work at getting the word out  


2021 has been an exceptional year for our fledgling company. In retrospect, it should not have come as a huge surprise. The “Anna” in Anna Zuckerman Luxury had already engaged in several successful business pursuits as far back as 1993 when she opened her first traditional jewelry location in Wisconsin. 

That said, even with a proven industry leader at the helm, there are few startup companies who make the sort of splash AZL has in our first 12 months. Increased online visits and retail partners, increased sales, more brand recognition on the convention circuit, and a steady parade of influencers and celebrities sporting our demi-precious collections has all resulted in us feeling like we have proven the concept. There is a demand for ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable fashion accessories. Case closed. 

So now what? 

Now we get in front of more stores than trade shows can access. Now we reach the heart of the country, where affordable luxury can have the most impact. Now we partner with professionals with proven track records in setting sales goals and exceeding their objectives. 

But why tell you? A few reasons. 1) If you are a new prospective AZL customer who wants to experience the quality for yourself before ordering online, good news! There will be more locations carrying AZL collections soon, from whom you can try on pieces and buy directly, so stay tuned! 2) If you are a prospective AZL partner who would like to meet directly with your vendor reps to discuss carrying a new brand, good news! We now have representatives in the Midwest and Southeast, in addition to our National Sales Manager who would be delighted to help you! 

Let’s meet the team, shall we? 


Southeast Sales Manager - Louis Masini

Louis Masini

Residing in Raleigh, NC, Lou has over 26 years’ experience in the fine jewelry arena, with a history that includes managing social media and marketing. He is a self-described self-motivator with a knack for identifying problems and crafting solutions. You can talk to him about stock balance, schedules for reorders, ideas on best social media practices, or where you want your business to be in 5 years. He is looking forward to hearing from you. 


Midwest Sales Manager - Rick Gatlin - 

Rick Gatlin

Heralding from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Rick brings 12 years of jewelry industry experience and has developed an approach that’s very customer service focused. He understands that the customer/vendor relationship should be a partnership and strives to under promise and over deliver. If he doesn't know the answer to a question, he will convey that, and then get the answer for you. Reach out to Rick and explore AZL to see if we’re a fit for your store. 


National Sales Manager - Robin Snyderman –  

Robin Snyderman

With more than 30 years of direct selling experience, Robin's focus is wholesale operations from our Boca Raton corporate offices. From before our website was live, she has been helping customers with orders (from product selection and information to processing, invoicing, shipping, logistics, and all customer service needs), as well as taking on the responsibilities of our primary trade show organizer. Her goal is to expand both sales and the sales team to help grow our national presence. 


There are already a lot of promising developments in the works for 2022. Contact one of the sales reps here if you want to get in on the action. Either way, keep coming back to the blog for more updates and a chance to see something brilliant happen. And continue to have a wonderful holiday season!