Anna Zuckerman Luxury Wants to Help You Reclaim Your Normal and Revive Your Passions!

Anna Zuckerman Luxury Wants to Help You Reclaim Your Normal and Revive Your Passions! - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Comedian/actress, Lilly Singh, celebrating “re-entry” while wearing the AZL Collection.

Life has been more challenging than “normal” since March of 2020, but we are finally seeing some daylight at the end of the tunnel. They’re starting to call it “re-entry.” The question is, after more than a year of rolling quarantines, mandatory face masks, and interacting with friends and coworkers via internet conferencing, what does re-entering normal even look like?

The answer to that, ladies, is what you make of it.

For too long, we have been told when it’s acceptable to look fabulous, and that is just one area of many where the rules are getting tossed out with the empty bottles of hand sanitizer. Do you want to sparkle at work? Do it. Want to wow them while sitting in the grass and watching peewee soccer? Why not? Have an opportunity to attend a swanky get together, but don’t have the “right” jewelry AND don’t want to spend a fortune? Girl, you are on the right site.

The Zuckerman Luxury Blog

Anna Zuckerman has been in the jewelry business for more than 20 years, and noticed there was no luxury sparkle being designed for everyday lifestyles and budgets. So she decided to do something about that. She began to research state-of-the-art, conscientiously derived, precious metals and stones, as well as the nanotechnology behind its production. She worked with the manufacturing experts to create a new finishing technique called Diamond Coated Crystalline, to give “demi-precious” gems the same intricate beauty as diamonds. And then she opened her own store dedicated to making the high-quality, shockingly-affordable jewelry available to everyone...during a pandemic.

That’s right, Anna Zuckerman Luxury opened its retail showroom doors in the spring of 2021, because inspiration waits for no virus! The cleaning has been constant and the guests have been socially distanced, and the team is ready to go into overdrive now that “normal” is shyly coming out of hiding. All we’re missing is you!

Introducing the Three Looks of Passion

Over the next several weeks and months, Anna Zuckerman Luxury is going to be dedicated to helping you reclaim your normal and revive your passions! If you’ve been waiting to treat yourself and take life by force, your wait is over!

Anna Zuckerman at Work

The Professional

Now that everyone is closing their Zoom applications and filing into the conference room again, break away from the bedhead look you’ve had in meetings since the holidays! We’ve got the bling that will make you the talk of the water cooler, for prices that won’t leave you eating lunch meat sandwiches at your desk.

Casual Time

Whether it’s a long-delayed night out with the girls or cheering on the kids playing ball, you have every right to look fabulous! Rather than chance wearing expensive heirloom jewelry while out and about, give your wallet and anxiety some much-needed relief with our amazing line of demi-precious rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Formal Wear (that’s FUN to Wear)

Ever have a formal night planned and then hesitate to wear your most expensive accessories because they're so very precious, but *still* want to stop the show with your arrival? AZL has the solution! Celebrities on the red carpet choose ethically-sourced jewels over questionably-gained stones quite frequently these days, and the rest of us are just starting to catch up.

Watch This Space!

Garden Party

AZL is just beginning to ramp up our summer “Reclaim Your Normal - Revive Your Passions” series. We will be showcasing amazing sets that coordinate and compliment your total look, whether you are being subtly glamorous in the break room, shining like a diamond while passing out fruit punch to the little leaguers, or dazzling the other guests at a fancy soiree.

Don’t forget: Independence Day Sale is happening now thru July 12th. Celebrate the 4th with 25% OFF ALL (non clearance) ITEMS! Be sure to revisit our site and follow us on social media for more specials and luxurious fashion ideas that don’t come with a luxurious price tag. Click here, or stop by our store at 306 Plaza Real in Boca Raton, FL, to learn more about the Anna Zuckerman Luxury collection, and join us in making “re-entry” brilliant!.