Anna Zuckerman Luxury Wants You To "Look Better Naked!"

Anna Zuckerman Luxury Wants You To "Look Better Naked!" - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

How a campaign to revive passions transformed into a call for taking it (almost) all off 


Life is fluid. Plans change. But, no matter what, we can all always look better naked. Right?

If you have been keeping up with our new blogs, you know that AZL has been promoting a “reclaim your normal and revive your passions” campaign. The idea was to embrace what some are calling “re-entry” into a more normal, post-pandemic world, and promoting the renewal of appreciating that which makes you happy. And being naked makes most people happy, right? Well, there’s more to it than that.

Later this month, AZL will be attending the JCK in Las Vegas (booth 14025, Design Center Neighborhood...stop by and say hello if you’re attending!). Obviously, an event like that requires planning, and the marketing team got together recently to discuss how to best convey “Revive Your Passions” into our materials and even maybe even apparel for those manning the booth.

“It’s a great campaign,” Anna reassured us. “But I want our theme for JCK to be even a little silly. People should be pleasantly shocked, and then want to know more!” 

Someone offered the visual concept of a (tasteful) nude, allowing her jewels unfettered attention, with the possible slogans of, “Feel Dressed Up...Even Naked”, and “Barenaked Brilliance”, and “Ethically Sourced Sex Appeal.” They were cute. They were playful. For Anna, they weren’t quite right. 
“Our clients want luxury that doesn’t cost a fortune, with elegance and craftsmanship, to look more sophisticated, to sparkle more...and to look amazing when their AZL is the only thing they have on! In other words...they want to look better naked! Period! And we can do that! 
“Whether it’s a single ring, a stack of bracelets, matching earrings and necklace, or an entire collection of Anna Zuckerman pieces, tiara included, they look amazing whether someone is wearing clothes or not...and so many people are so self-conscious about being naked, and we reduce that self-consciousness because if they’re wearing AZL, they’re *never* naked! In fact...we help them look better naked! That’s it!”


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Of course, this all continues to stem from that *amazing* photo shoot we arranged to prepare for Vegas. If you haven’t read the blog on that yet, click here, or you can start shopping and use code PHOTOSHOOT25 to get 25% your next Anna Zuckerman Luxury order (excludes clearance items, offer expires 8/15/21).  

So, there you have it. If you see any AZL reps at JCK, or any other jewelry gathering or event, and you see a promotion that seems to encourage stripping, you should know we’re just trying to help. And who couldn’t use a little encouragement to let it all hang out. Right?