Anna Zuckerman Luxury Wows at the JCK Las Vegas

Anna Zuckerman Luxury Wows at the JCK Las Vegas - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

“I’ve read so many posts and articles, I just had to see them in person!”

Tiara Try On at JCK

Going to start this with some brutal honesty: We had NO idea how well this was actually going to go. A four-day jewelry trade show held in August (in Nevada, no less) while stories of a virus variant was all anyone was talking about? We began to question if the trip was going to be the best use of resources. Thankfully we remained committed, because it absolutely was!

Firstly, immense props to the organizers and crew at JCK. They ensured everyone kept their masks on, provided ample stations for sanitation and hydration, and maintained order over 5 convention center floors with booths featuring displays, presentations, expert-talks, and more. There is no doubt that the attendance was impacted by the Delta news circulating, but they appeared to be prepared to ensure everyone’s safety even if twice as many people attended. The same is true of the management and staff at the Venetian/Palazzo resort. Everyone was extremely helpful and professional.

There was a little worry about what a potential decline of participants might do to our booth traffic, but it was needless. As soon as the retailers and other wholesalers attending learned we were there, they sought us out! Many of them were existing retail customers who just wanted to stop by and meet Anna in person, but more still were industry professionals who simply knew us from ads and social media and “had to see the pieces in person!” And those who did were hooked.
JCK Booth Crowds

There were few times people were not gathered around the AZL booth during each of the four days. Some returned to show family and friends, others came back because they couldn’t get a piece out of their heads from the previous day; regardless of the reasons, they came to see us (or specifically Anna), came back to see us (now the line as much as Anna), and promised to see us again soon (because they know their customers are going to want more).

“It looks so real,” was another refrain we heard consistently. “The sparkle is INCREDIBLE,” being another one still. Many fine jewelry stores who have sold genuine diamonds and high karat gold pieces for generations who never entertained the idea of carrying “costume jewelry” could not deny the quality of the pieces on display, and were reconsidering years of conviction on the spot.

“Women still want to look brilliant, but they also care about where their accessories come from and how they impact the future,” Anna would say, invariably to nods and a request to have a closer look. “It’s not just this new generation, and it’s not any particular type of woman. AZL offers conscientious fashion to all!”

Of course there were group dinners and after-parties, and the opportunity to enjoy Las Vegas for its unique atmosphere (it can’t just be lifting and loading and selling all the time), but nothing too crazy or remotely scandalous. We arrived with the purpose of premiering the Anna Zuckerman Luxury line to the largest audience to date, and that mission was accomplished! We can’t wait to see everyone next year!

SushiSomba and Success

Picture taken at SushiSamba, which was AMAZING. If you ever find yourself at the Venetian Shoppes, we can’t recommend it enough! Ask for Simon. (From left to right) Top Row: David Ward, Digital Marketing Director; Jim Fredrick, Director of Corporate Communications; Amanda Dawes, COO;
Bottom Row: Robin Snyderman, Sales Manager; Anna Zuckerman, Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer