AZL Employee Spotlight: Aryanna Wyatt, Marketing Intern

AZL Employee Spotlight: Aryanna Wyatt, Marketing Intern - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Anna Zuckerman showcases the newest talent contributing to her brand’s success 


If your goal is to empower women, among the first ways to demonstrate that commitment is to, y’know, hire women, and give them the opportunity to empower themselves. Anna has exemplified that philosophy when hiring at her stores, for her executive team, and every time a position is being filled.  

Aspiring to create that place of empowerment is why she has been hiring college interns to help with the marketing and digital production requirements at the Anna Zuckerman Luxury corporate offices. It gives students a taste of real responsibilities while also providing an opportunity to shine, and that’s exactly what Aryanna Wyatt, a junior at EDHEC Business School in France is doing today.

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Aryanna is originally from Kansas City, MO, but she is completing an International BBA program with a select group of international students. Among the requirements of the 4-year program, she must study various business topics for 3 years across 3 continents, gaining at least 1 full year of work experience. 
This semester, she had the opportunity to work at Anna Zuckerman Luxury as the Social Media and Web Marketing Intern, before moving to Singapore to study at the Nanyang Technological University for her final year before graduating. 

A Lot to Do  

When you consider that AZL only officially launched 10 months ago and we already have more than 2,000 individual SKUs for the variety of 925 Sterling Silver demi-precious jewelry collections (with more still to come), it makes sense there is a lot of work to be done in both social media and web marketing. 
Before joining Team AZL, Aryanna worked as a social media marketer for a Santa Rosa mortgage broker, and designed a website for a Kansas City startup. So, coming into a fledgling organization that required more than a little help in digital production did not strike her as daunting at all. 

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Adding a European Sensibility  

Having attended a French full-immersion school in MO, Aryanna sold beaded bookmarks to help pay her way for a trip to Paris. She co-founded a business, signed up for jewelry-making classes, participated in craft shows as both a buyer and a seller, and sold to local businesses, friends, and family...all in the 6th grade. Not her last experience in business, she found the prospect of an ethically sourced jewelry brand very compelling. 

She began playing with the gem light box for jewelry photography and incorporating more shadows and atmosphere to the images. Her goal being to demonstrate, not just that the jewelry looked “real,” but that it had an artistry that rivaled any traditional jewelry promotion. David Ward, the Director of Digital Marketing, merely had to coax her with broad direction like "Autumn,” or ”Something with this rose...” and Aryanna took it from there. It did not hurt to have the guidance and support of a team with nearly a century of experience in marketing, sales, and jewelry, offering her feedback and encouragement all along the way. 

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”Something I really appreciate here are the people,” she mentioned, unsolicited (no, really, we didn’t prod her at all!). ”The office is constantly filled with laughter and great conversation, and everyone knows one another, which makes it a terrific environment to work in!” I mean, we were going to give her the spotlight before she said that stuff, but how great is that? 

Why This Experience Matters 

Since hiring aspiring jewelry designers at her store in WI back in the 90s, Anna has been continuously committed to extending a helping hand to the next generation of women hoping to prove themselves. As Anna has said, “Success has no meaning if you’re not sharing what you know to contribute to the success of others. And so long as it remains challenging for women to make their mark, I will remain committed to giving them the chance to shine!”

Aryanna Wyatt

Aryanna seems to agree. “While searching for an internship this summer I decided I wanted to work in a smaller company. That is where you can have more responsibilities and really get involved in the various aspects of a company. Anna Zuckerman Luxury was the perfect fit and although it is a newer company it is already quite successful. I enjoy working here because I get to be creative with my photography, layouts, social media posts, and more.” 

Aryanna’s internship will be coming to an end before the year is out, but as she will be pursuing an MBA while traveling and expanding her world view, we must be content with our paths having briefly crossed long enough for her to make her mark in our inaugural year and wishing her well-deserved success!

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