AZL Explores Eternity Rings, Engagement Rings, and Wedding Rings

AZL Explores Eternity Rings, Engagement Rings, and Wedding Rings

What to buy when and the proper way to “stack” your everyday luxury


Welcome back! Occasionally, we here at Team AZL like to ponder the big questions in life, such as why are blood diamonds still a thing? Or forget who wrote the book of love, when did they stop publishing it? Today we’re going to take a deep dive into the age-old question: Eternity Bands, Engagement Rings, and Wedding Rings…what’s their deal?


Timing Is Everything

It is very rare that an engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity band are all purchased at the same time. Most are bought at individual significant moments, and (before Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury) were guaranteed to be substantial purchases. There was a long period where engagement rings and wedding rings were purchased as a set, but modern couples are seen taking more of a wait-and-see approach when it comes to adding to their jewelry collections.

It is no longer gauche for an engagement ring and wedding band to not “match.” It can be especially freeing to coordinate different styles with an eternity ring, keeping every outfit fresh for every occasion. The real new rule is there are no rules, so you have the freedom to mix styles and even colors of bands, be it platinum or yellow gold or even rose gold, creating a look unique to you. It all depends on your comfort and mood.

But you’re not here just to read, “do what you want!” You want some of the history of the styles and to see what Anna Zuckerman has to offer, so let’s get to that.

Eternity Bands

Eternity Bands

Eternity bands/rings are meant to signify eternal love and is often presented as an anniversary present or for special occasions. It has also recently been popularized as substitutes for traditional wedding bands.

Much like a ring itself is significant as a symbol of love without beginning or end, an eternity band features small diamonds (real or simulants) or gemstones (natural or lab-cut) connected all around the band, representing an eternal loop. Most often, the stones are the same color and cut for continued uniformity. These rings are often mistaken for “infinity” rings; however, those usually sport an infinity symbol or figure eight, rather than a never-ending line of stones.

Eternity Band

These rings have extraordinary flair and are understandably pricy when comprised of traditional diamonds. By partnering with Anna Zuckerman, your eternity band is made entirely of diamond simulants, alternative stones that have been lab cut and coated with Diamond Crystalline, for a sparkle that rivals jewelry costing as much as a hundred times more!


Where Does Your Eternity Ring Belong?

Honestly, there is no rule regarding the finger upon which you must wear your eternity ring. If you don’t want it to detract from your engagement ring, you might consider wearing your eternity ring on your right-hand ring finger or middle finger. Obviously, if you want to wear the eternity band AS your wedding ring, your left ring finger is the right choice. But maybe it has nothing to do with your wedding set. Maybe it signifies the birth of a child or someone no longer in your everyday life. You are free to choose whichever finger that makes the ring significant to you.



Engagement Rings

Be careful. If you really want to get into the history of engagement rings, you may learn some things you can’t unlearn. Did you know, for example, that engagement rings originated in Rome as a sign of ownership? Thankfully times have introduced far more romance into the proceedings, while also more consumerism. Diamonds themselves did not become fashionable in engagement rings until just after the Great Depression, and since then they’ve often represented status as much as commitment. (For more on the history of engagement rings, click here.)

The tradition of a gemstone at the center of this symbol of an intent to marry started in the 15th century, with cuts, styles, colors, and designs varying significantly. Being the first piece of jewelry exchanged by a couple upon declaring their intent to bond forever, they are most sought out by young folks just starting their journey, many of whom simply cannot keep up with such an expense while also keeping up with today’s rising costs of living.

Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury has a multitude of engagement ring options, such as Grace 57 and Grace 58, Victoria 47 (shown above), Arabella 25, and many more.

Becky in Boca

Proper Engagement Ring Display

The engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left-hand ring finger. This has come to be known as the engagement ring finger. The bride-to-be commonly wears the engagement ring alone, only to stack the engagement ring with the wedding band after the ceremony. Recently, some couples don’t even worry about the wedding band, giving the engagement ring all the attention, as it usually offers the most flair.

Today’s bottom line let’s be honest…it MUST look good on Instagram. If it pops on social media, it wins both her heart and the internet. With AZL statement rings, she’ll get all the sparkle of a red-carpet accessory, and still have savings from which to start their new life together.


All About That Wedding Bling

The one that started it all, the wedding ring actually came before the engagement ring historically, as for centuries a man simply presented a ring during their wedding ceremony and the woman accepted it (or didn’t, but that’s for someone else’s blog).

The circle of the ring became the symbol of eternal love, which then became associated with marriage, for some reason. But when a ring became the symbol for simply the promise to wed, wedding and engagement rings became separate symbols, and jewelers rejoiced. Now, wearing both an engagement ring and wedding ring are considered standard, but as we’ve already mentioned, fewer and fewer traditions are “standard” now, and couples can have as few or as many pieces to symbolize their bond as they wish.

Wedding Bands

Which Goes Where?

Legend has it that the ancient Egyptians believed the fourth finger on the left hand contained the vein of love which led directly to the heart. And while all these rings can be unique, wearing them together in a stack has become quite common. First the wedding band, then the engagement ring, then an eternity band to complete the “set.” This, of course, depends on their compatibility and comfort for her hand.

Conversely, as has been a constant thread through this discussion, to each their own. There are no laws, let alone rules, which say how and where you must wear your symbols of love. And it is quite all right if your wedding band and engagement ring don’t match. It is especially ok if you don’t have them all right away and pick and choose as you navigate life. Maybe one day you will be able to afford some heirloom that will stay stored in a safety deposit box to be bequeathed to future generations. Maybe not.

Either way, with Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury and our diamond alternatives, you can afford the ring you want, whichever ring that may be, today.

Be sure to stop back for more background and tips on all our various collections and let us know if you have any questions! We are here to make it easy for you, and to make it affordable to be yourself!