AZL Spotlights: Ron Blanchette, Creative Director

AZL Spotlights: Ron Blanchette, Creative Director

Get to know the artistic force behind some of
Anna’s new (marketing) looks


Having been a business owner since 1993, Anna Zuckerman understood the importance of great imagery in advertising and marketing long before launching Anna Zuckerman Luxury. She had just spent a few years proving the concept of the public consumer’s interest in renewable, sustainable jewelry that looks ready for the red carpet (but at prices affordable to all), so she was determined to turn an opening in the social media and graphics department in her corporate offices into an opportunity.

Miami Cuban

Anna provides direct input and approval for all materials produced by the company and had no interest in communicating with a third party for something as important as her brand’s images. Anna Zuckerman Luxury needed a professional who was willing to take on a fledgling company with the foresight of mutual growth. Thankfully, Anna knew a guy who knew a guy.

Jim Fredrick had come on board as Anna’s Director of Communication the previous June. Among the positions on Jim’s resume was Marketing Supervisor for Office Depot’s corporate office, nearly 20 years before being introduced to demi-precious jewelry and diamond alternatives. He still had a few connections to the graphics part of that world, and he was comfortable reaching out on Anna’s behalf after seeing for himself that age was no barrier to success.

Better Than Diamonds

“I love bringing college kids in to show them a few things and pick their brains,” Anna admits. “But when I’m looking to assemble the core team behind my brand, I want and value experience. Even if the experience was bad, which means they know what to not do; I want to know they’ve been in a few trenches and know their way out.”

Ron Blanchette had been in a few trenches. He spent over 10 years at Office Depot, first as a graphic designer and production artist, then as a senior designer before taking on the Art Director position for Jakks Pacific for several years.

Other notable graphic design work included years at the Chicago Tribune/Sun Sentinel, South Florida Fair and Expo, Epoca International, and several more in a freelance capacity. The COVID economy was keeping him in the freelance bubble, and he was ready to break out.

Surprisingly Affordable

“I was making it work on contract, but the timing to dedicate myself to a single brand could not have been more perfect,” Ron remembers. “There’s just something to be said for being on a team with the same goals and the same determination; it makes success even more rewarding somehow. I didn’t just do that. WE did that. And it couldn’t have happened if not for cooperation and vision.”

Anna and Amanda (AZL’s COO) interviewed Ron and practically hired him on the spot. Within weeks he established a new level of artistry to the images, from magazine ads to social media. From trade show video production to printing a celebrity face book, Ron has had his hand in every form of marketing, including the soft rebrand to Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury.

Six months in and accelerating into our 2nd summer trade show season, everyone at Anna Zuckerman wanted to take just a moment to say, “Thank you, Ron, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!”

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Ron Blanchette - Creative Director