Meet Best-Selling Author Ron Thurston and join the  
Retail in America Podcast and Tour! 

The Accessories Council ACE Awards were held in New York City early in November last year. As an up-and-coming demi-fine jewelry designer and brand founder, Anna was invited to attend the red-carpet gala, which featured Whoopi Goldberg as the host, a tribute to the iconic Iris Apfel, an inspiring list of design excellence winners, and much more. All that said, this was not Anna’s comfort zone. While she has decades of experience with making a great first impression, the event had so much fabulousness, so much style and flare, mingling proved daunting. Until she sat next to Ron.

Anna and Ron at the ACE Awards

Ron Thurston is not only a highly accomplished executive in retail leadership, but he is also a Board Advisor and Amazon Bestselling Author, named one of the top 100 Retail Influencers globally. Globally. And he and Anna took to each other like long-lost cousins. Ron loves retail, and Ron loved Anna’s story in retail thus far. 
Ron has made his reputation by turning around underperforming businesses, launching unique brands, ensuring customer growth and satisfaction, and many more disciplines. The fact that Anna, as an immigrant, independently owned a business trying to redefine luxury with renewable and sustainable collections, captured both his attention and appreciation. 

In his book, Retail Pride, Ron drew from his twenty-five years of retail experience and created straightforward, practical tips for anyone working in retail to develop their talents, better connect with customers, and build their own leadership skills. Having worked in retail since high school, Anna was equally impressed. 

They spent the rest of the event as a tag team, breaking off to meet others and participate in small talk, before reconnecting and comparing notes. Afterward, Ron sent Anna a copy of his book and they promised to stay connected. 

Then only a few months later, Ron announced, “The Great Retail Roadtrip: Celebrating Retail Culture, Community and Storytelling.” The year-long tour began in NYC in March, and in April he is touring the Southeast for a few weeks while he waits for the Airstream to arrive. He started traveling across the United States “to find the untold retail success stories and showcase the incredible people behind them.” 

As Ron tells it, “I want to fully understand and document the ways that humans are connected through their retail experience and how that experience has shaped their lives.” Anna received an email with his Retail in America Tour schedule, and discovered he was going to be in Miami in April, some 30 short miles from both her flagship store and the studio where they record her podcast. And thus, synergy was born! 

Wednesday, April 13th, Boca Raton – Be There!

Retail Pride signing at AZL

First, Ron will be stopping by Podpopuli at 2PM for a special recording of Anna on the Rocks (with a Twist). Anna and Jim will be asking Ron questions about the tour, about his book, about his podcast, and then get entirely too candid about their own experiences, as they usually do. After that, the team will head a few blocks north to Anna Zuckerman Luxury in Mizner Park, wherein Ron will be signing copies of his book from 5-6PM. There’s still time to pick up your copy of Retail Pride here (and Anna will have copies available at the store). 
“I came to respect Ron and his experience so much,” Anna concludes. “When I found out he was going to be this close, I just had to jump on that schedule and carve out a day for us to simply hang out, have some laughs, maybe a few drinks, and help spread the word about his worthy cause. He is a champion of the retail worker, and I also believe we would be in a terrible place without their contributions. Stop by and show us your Retail Pride!”