BOGO AZL Makes Your Black Friday/Holiday Kick-Off Shopping Easy - EXTENDED THRU TUES!!

BOGO AZL Makes Your Black Friday/Holiday Kick-Off Shopping Easy - EXTENDED THRU TUES!! - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry
[Editorial Update: Anna feels this deal is too good to stop so soon, so take everything below and apply it through Tuesday, 11/30. Yes, midnight TUESDAY. The BOGO sale has been extended on the site in case you were having too much fun this long weekend and need more time!)
Yup! Buy One Get One (Equal or Lesser Value) NOW thru Nov 30th 
Not even kidding. 


This one is going to be short. 

Next Thursday, starting at 4PM (SCRATCH THAT! WE STARTED WEDNESDAY), make a breeze of your holiday shopping with Buy One Get One FREE from Anna Zuckerman Luxury! Imagine her delight when you surprise her with not just one gorgeous diamond crystalline bit of sparkle, but the start of a collection! 
Have a group of ladies in your life, like a book club or auxiliary league? How perfect would a classic bolo bracelet look on everyone’s arms at the next get-together? Already an amazing price point of $49, getting 2 for under $50? Just wow. 

 Classic Bolos

Or how about the circle of women who are the foundation of your family? Your wife, her sister, their mother, *your* mother...imagine how included and beloved everyone would feel with a matching set of Anastasia 27 Hoops–(suggested retail $199) or any such statement piece that will make them feel like they should.

Anastasia 27 Hoops– (Suggested retail $199)

 AZL has the perfect gift for every woman in your life at prices that took everyone by surprise BEFORE this crazy opportunity. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE?! There’s not much chance that’s happening again. Even if it does, it won’t be for the rest of THIS year. So maybe stop reading this and go mark your calendars for any window between Wednesday, Nov 24th and midnight TUESDAY, Nov 30th, that you can do some brilliant shopping without losing family time.  

Holiday Heat

Cool? Cool. Be safe! Enjoy family! Come back, save bunches, and give them an unboxing they won’t soon forget! We’ll talk more after the food comas.