Bringing Sustainable Jewelry to Vegas in Style

Bringing Sustainable Jewelry to Vegas in Style

Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury prepares to make
a big splash at JCK 2022


Has it been a year already? Well, not quite, but close enough.

Friends, fans, and especially family of Anna Zuckerman know JCK from the tremendously successful first show attended by Team AZL last August. A four-day international jewelry show in the desert so soon after 2020? We were admittedly cautious. We needn’t have been.

There were few times throughout the event that a small crowd hadn’t gathered to look at our row of showcases, meet Anna, and ponderously examine her creations in person.

“We’ve seen the ads,” the crew often heard. “It’s really something when you see it in person!”

JCK 2021 Booth

Having the attention of so many independent fine jewelry stores was extremely gratifying to this fledgling team, and we couldn’t wait to get back. Ten months later, we are still excited to return, but this year with a different agenda in mind.

“I love each and every store that has chosen to partner with me, and hope we stay connected forever. I can’t wait to see them and catch up! However, the booth will not be what they are expecting. AZL is coming back to offer luxury to every woman every day everywhere, and that means elevating how the industry sees the brand.”

Since last year’s JCK event, Anna has overseen a significant expansion in online presence, celebrity interest and, always the most important bottom line, sales. The brand overcame many challenges, not the least of which being their launch during the worst of COVID. After all that, Anna is ready for the next BIG step.

“I know there’s a successful online resource that wants to partner with a business and collection as unique as Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury. There are so many, in fact, it’s up to us to pick one! So, we’re using our booth at JCK to interview prospects.”

Part of what is helping to achieve this new way of marketing the brand is an upgraded POS system. Each team member will now be able to assemble orders electronically, with the entire inventory at their fingertips on a screen. This frees up the display areas to spotlight individual pieces rather than the entire line. Which meant a new way to display.

Enter the Professionals

Booth Presentation
(from l to r: Leonard Albanese, Elmer Benavente, Bryan and Bruno Romano, and more friendly help)


If you want a different outcome, you must apply a different approach. Anna didn’t want 2022 to be a repeat of 2021, as successful as that experience was. Anna wanted buyers of every stripe, including big box stores and national online shops, to imagine her collections as part of their inventory and their existing displays. To imagine them already selling diamond alternatives.

This new approach required a new booth from the ground up. Thankfully, Anna has a close (if you consider sharing a wedding anniversary close) relationship with Leonard Albanese, founder and CEO of Albanese & Sons Builders. Leonard has been doing construction in the Boca Raton/South Florida area for more than 30 years and had a few ideas on who to call to make Anna’s vision a reality.


Leonard, acting as General Contractor, brought in Elmar Benavente, CEO of BE Design, for the architecture. Elmer teamed up with George Hegedus, structural engineer, and that is when plans really came together.

The team worked up blueprints for a luxury boutique-style exhibition that will invite prospective buyers in, rather than forcing them to crane their necks from the outside. Anna calls it “The Penthouse.” Lots of seating for consultative conversation, a variety of displays that spotlight looks instead of physically showing every style of every piece, anchored by a massive monitor running select clips of the accessories. Last year the team had one section of one showcase dedicated to demonstrating how a display might look within a store. Now, the entire 20x22 footprint will be dedicated to how amazing demi-precious jewelry can look when properly exhibited.

Meeting 2

Once the basic parameters for The Penthouse were set, everyone got down to the business of building. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, there are a LOT of decisions that go into creating a display booth. Will you have a floor? What’s the floor made of? Will there be a ceiling, even if it’s dropdown? How many lights will it hold? How can it be assembled, disassembled, transported, and reassembled again, and by whom?

These questions and more were on everyone’s minds as Anna reviewed the progress.

“It is a lot, but these guys are professionals and we’re making important decisions on where to be environmentally conscious and still use the best materials available for the long-term. The Penthouse is not all for one show. This is establishing our look for the year and maybe beyond.”

under construction

Sunshine Alliance was commissioned for the floor and ceiling shell and all the cabinets. Every component is being engineered and assembled with transportation and use in mind. It is possible different configurations of The Penthouse will be used for more regional trade shows throughout the year and can be utilized again in JCK 2023 with only minor modifications or upgrades.

Anna Forklifting For now, we just can’t wait to unveil it next month. If you are an owner or buyer attending June 10-13th, stop by and see the big reveal at booth 17135 in The Bridge. See the line up close and personal for yourself, as that is *still* the best way to experience the craft and brilliance of these pieces.

The display may be different, but Anna’s philosophy remains steadfast. “Women want to sparkle, but they also care about where their jewelry comes from and how they impact the future. It’s not just this new generation, and it’s not a particular type of woman. Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury offers conscientious fashion to all!”