Even Casual Time Is Perfect for Anna Zuckerman Luxury

Even Casual Time Is Perfect for Anna Zuckerman Luxury - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Enjoy a sneak peek at an awesome photo shoot to highlight the versatility  of AZL 


Ok, we’ll admit it...this is kind of unorthodox. The plan was to put together a quiet little photo shoot to showcase the variety of Anna Zuckerman Luxury collections and how well they fit in casual, professional, and recreational settings, in addition to the formal looks for which they are already making waves. 

What we did not expect was for everyone to have so much fun! 

In addition to the professional pictures being captured, the AZL team took a whole bunch of candid shots for social media, and we are sharing just a few of them here (mostly focused on the more casual moments) to give you an idea of what happened behind the scenes during what was truly an amazing day. 

 It Starts with Makeup

Firstly, we must introduce Manolo, our professional hair and makeup stylist AND photographer extraordinaire ( His delightful charm and artful focus helped us make the absolute best of the day, even as the storm clouds threatened to eliminate nearly half the planned scenes. His openness to collaboration was vital to maintaining the enormously positive energy everyone appreciated throughout the 10-hour event. 


Wonder Women

Next we had Tatsiana Maltseva, professional agency model based in Boca and Miami (, Carolina Guerra, fashion model and current Miss Universe Córdoba (, and Esther Ku, actress, model, and professional comedian/finalist in Last Comic Standing ( Three beautiful, accomplished women coming from incredibly varied backgrounds and circumstances, all of whom immediately connected like old friends.

The shoot was being held at something of a secret location, as the owner wishes to remain anonymous (it’s Anna! It’s Anna’s house! Don’t tell ANYONE!!), but what a location it was! During downtime, Esther and Manolo both took to the Steinway piano, ensuring that the marble floors reverberated with classical chords (in addition to the classic rock that was being piped in over the integrated stereo system throughout). The garage with the Harley Davidson, the outdoor patio and beautifully manicured hedges, the exercise room...we will have to force ourselves to come back and take advantage of such beautiful backdrops in the future as, again, the intermittent rain and near-constant overcast skies forced many plans to change. And we need to go back for the home theater too, but just because we want to. 


Waiting Patiently

 All that was left was thousands of square feet of impeccably designed and fine-art decorated luxury, with a full-service wet bar, wine wall, professional-grade pool table, gorgeous spiral staircase featuring a monstrous electric guitar display, black marble fireplace, and various expensive seating and vamping opportunities...that is all. 

A huge take-away was it literally did not matter what was worn or where it was at, the AZL collection looked spectacular always! When they were trying on rings and bracelets while still in their workout clothes from the commute, during the brief opportunity we had to shoot by the pool, or just hanging around the kitchen having a nosh, it genuinely did not matter. Anna Zuckerman Luxury is tasteful, appropriate, and gorgeous, no matter where you go.


Sparkle Inside and Out

We are positively bursting with the desire to show ALL these amazing images to you! Unfortunately, we have to be mature adults (mostly) and wait until they have been reviewed and approved, and then they will immediately begin to be used in our marketing production, including ads, catalogs, and more. Even Anna could not resist joining the girls for what were some truly stunning images with the designer and her art in action. Look for those images and more in the upcoming weeks/months and let us know what you think and what your favorite look is!

The whole thing has us so jazzed, we want to share the great vibes! Tell you what, next time you're ordering, use code PHOTOSHOOT25 and get 25% OFF your next Anna Zuckerman Luxury order (excludes clearance items, offer expires 8/15/21).

And be sure to stop by the blog for more inspiration and sneak peaks. If we keep having this much fun, we are going to be doing this a LOT!

Anna and the Trio