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Get Your AZL Fix Wherever Podcasts Are Streamed - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Toasting "Anna on the Rocks with a Twist":
One episode down and many more to come!


Who doesn't love a good podcast? If you answered, "Neil Young?," with a smile, we don't condone it, but we also think we have something you're going to want to hear.

Those of us who have seen Anna in action, either at the Mizner Park store or on the road at trade shows, understand that she is both passionate and engaging when promoting her line of demi-precious jewelry collections. The question then became, how do we capture that? How do we upgrade her platform from customers and retailers in small groups to thousands or even millions? No kidding, the Joe Rogan hullabaloo played a role. Or rather, Joe being a comedian did. 

Anna caught the media coverage of the last few weeks like the rest of us, but her takeaway was maybe a little different than most. She loves to laugh. The people she is most comfortable associating with love to laugh. And she has a comedian on staff.


Jim Fredrick, Anna's Director of Communications, has been performing stand up comedy in South Florida and beyond since 2006. Marketing professional by day and semi-professional comedian by nights and weekends, Jim was a founding member of JKRZ: Jokerz Internet Radio, a weekly podcast that ran for over 4 years ('08 - '12), as well as Mic Knights, an online role playing game where instead of infiltrating dungeons and slaying dragons, players experienced the random highs and lows of breaking into the club scene and killing audiences (figuratively, of course, with laughs).

The more Anna explored the world of podcasts, the more she became certain that she already had the right ingredients for a successful show. She knew of Jim's talents before making him part of her corporate team, and she knew she herself could sell her product better than anyone. And when given the space to banter at trade shows or during meetings, no one around them is ever bored.

Anna on the Rocks

They researched podpopuli, a professional podcast studio, and wanted to act quickly as the kickoff of the Buy One, Get One 50% OFF Valentine's Event was the *perfect* event to showcase. They recorded the first episode last Wednesday, February 2nd, and enjoyed a fun, somewhat politically incorrect, but otherwise delightful first show. Anna recorded the session on her Facebook Live. The intention was to have a video and audio podcast, however some technical issues means it's currently only available on audio. That said, the audio is still pretty sweet, and is already available for download on Spotify, iHeartRadio and Apply Podcasts.

Anna even made listening to the whole show staggeringly beneficial for fans of her line, but we can't say what that is. You have to listen to understand, and then feel free to comment below! We want this experience as interactive as possible, so don't hesitate to let us know what you think, and tune in each week! You never know what we're going to say. We certainly don't.

And remember: If it's renewable, sustainable, and extraordinary, it's probably AZL. See you soon!