Guide To Choosing Jewelry That Enhances Your Eye Color

Guide To Choosing Jewelry That Enhances Your Eye Color

Jewelry is the perfect spice - it always complements what is already there - Diane Von Furstenburg

Though the individual pieces are beautiful in their own right, one of the most fun and rewarding parts of having an extensive jewelry collection is selecting different items to match different parts of your body.

Some women like pieces that match well with their skin tone, others like pieces that complement their hair color, and others will like large or small, long or short pieces to accentuate features like their neckline.

Another popular consideration of women when choosing their jewelry is whether or not the color or gemstone in question is going to enhance and highlight their eye color.

Whatever your eye color, one of the best styling hacks is learning which fine jewelry, precious metals, and gemstones bring out the best in your natural eye color. The color of your eyes is something to celebrate and it is quite easy to improve any look, increasing the impact of jewelry and makeup.

Here is a guide to choosing jewelry pieces that can enhance your natural beauty and make your natural eye color pop.

Choosing Jewelry for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are arguably some of the most beautiful in their own right, and when it comes to jewelry matches they are best paired with stones that offer high contrast.

As a general rule, opt for colors that are more neutral because these will bring out and accentuate the stunning flecks of color in the blue of your eyes. Focus on variations of black, silver, and gray, which can translate into gemstones like black opal, sodalite, grey agate, and moonstone.

To understand better which colors work together, you can refer to color theory and the color wheel. The wheel shows how opposite colors can work together as well as complementary colors. For example, blue and orange are regarded as being very complimentary, meaning that orange-colored pendants or a sapphire engagement ring can provide visual stimulation for blue eyes as well as showing off the jewelry to its best.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford the higher-end colored gemstones, then you can achieve the same kind of effect for light and deep blue eyes with something like citrine.

Choosing Jewelry for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are interesting because they have a little bit of everything in them from green to brown to blue, and the colors shift with the light!

Because of this ever-changing nature, the right jewelry for somebody with hazel eyes is something to highlight all of these different elements. Rather than trying to match with greens or browns which will work together even if in an underwhelming way, the better idea is to go for pinks and purples.

When you think purple, you immediately think of amethyst which is perfect for hazel eyes, but other stones that would work include tanzanite and pink tourmaline. Make sure not to pick anything that leans too far into the red, because red gemstones and hazel eyes are not renowned for complementing one another too well.

Choosing Jewelry for Brown Eyes

From Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison to Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga, there are so many love songs dedicated to the beauty of brown eyes!

The trick to helping brown eyes pop with jewelry is to choose stud earrings, rings, and everything else that boasts beautiful blue gemstones. If your budget allows, then blue sapphires are perfect.

Anything from light blue to deep blue works well with brown eyes, and to get the absolute best pop that you can, you should aim for a sapphire of at least half a carat in size, ideally larger! Our philosophy with jewelry is always that bigger is better, but you should always work within the sensible confines of your budget and find the best stone that you can afford. There’s no need to break the bank to achieve great accessory beauty.

With brown eyes, you are lucky enough to look great in any of the precious metals, so you can feel free to select a favorite between yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or sterling silver.

Choosing Jewelry for Gray Eyes

If you are lucky enough to have uncommon gray eyes, then nothing is better for you than the classic icy tint of sparkling diamonds! Silver jewelry and clean stone undertones are what you should aim for. It evokes a glamorous frostiness that only somebody with naturally gray eyes can pull off.

Of course, not everybody can simply afford to buy a large number of diamonds whenever they want to, and if you still want to achieve this kind of look on a lower budget, then white topaz is an excellent alternative to a diamond ring.

If you would prefer to include some kind of color in your gold jewelry choices, then gray eyes also look fabulous with all shades of green. Our favorites include green varieties of agate, alexandrite, turquoise, beryl, aquamarine, uvarovite, garnet, malachite, and chrysoprase.

Choosing Jewelry for Green Eyes

Did you know that there is an eye color that is even rarer than gray eyes? That’s right, we’re talking about green eyes! It is estimated that only 2% of the entire world’s population has green eyes, and this makes it the rarest eye color on the planet.

When it comes to making green eyes pop even more than they already do, opt for jewelry choices that are in the gold and gray range, along with some yellows if you want to push the boat out.

Sterling silver and yellow gold are two metal choices that work well with green eyes, so something like a bold sterling silver statement pendant necklace that contains turquoise can create a sensational look.

Another color that goes amazingly well with green in a jewelry/eye color scenario is red. There is a reason why so many red-haired celebrities wear green dresses on the red carpet! Of course, when you think of red gemstones in a piece of jewelry, the mind automatically goes to a classic ruby, and you want to lean towards the desirable ‘pigeon’s blood’ red for the most striking effect. Something that is too pink won’t be quite as dramatic.

If rubies aren’t your thing, then other red stones that work in wonderful harmony with green eyes include spinel and garnet.

The Eyes Have It!

When you visit a jeweler, you don’t get style advice. If you want jewelry for a specific purpose, you need a bit of knowledge. If you are looking for pieces of jewelry to make your eye color pop, use this style guide to identify the colors of gemstones and precious metals that work best for you. You can then discuss these with your jeweler who can impart their technical knowledge to help you make a perfect choice.


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