Introducing Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury

Introducing Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

It is less about a tagline and more about an attitude 


Anna Zuckerman Luxury is now Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury! What is the difference? Inclusiveness, for one thing. 

There is nothing wrong with pointing out that a product *feels* luxurious. We all want to feel decadent and spoiled. The issue is when the perception of that luxury prevents someone from simply trying it. 

Anna Zuckerman’s collections have the same look of luxury as classic jewelry, and looks just as expensive, but that is where the similarities end. Our accessories are manufactured with lab-cut gems, so there are no politics or rights violations involved. We use hypoallergenic 925 Sterling Silver, so allergic reactions are a thing of the past. And even though it all looks like it would cost thousands of dollars (or tens of thousands), our median price is just $199, which can hardly be considered “elite,” by almost any standards. 

It is for those reasons and more than we wanted to take a closer look at our brand and how it might be perceived by the casual shopper. Focusing entirely on the word “Luxury” as part of the corporate slogan seemed a bit counterproductive. People who often do not imagine being able to afford luxury were not always giving us a second glance. But how do you convey things like wanting to help every woman sparkle with renewable, sustainable, and extraordinary accessories? You remove some of the elite nature of your vision, for one thing. 

Everyday Bolos

The collection of Anna Zuckerman pieces has not been designed just for galas or the red carpet (although they look AMAZING for either). Our earrings and necklaces, bracelets, and rings have been designed to be durable, comfortable, and attention-grabbing in *any* environment. Have a video conference for work? Make sure the camera picks up your impeccable sense of style with a brilliant cocktail ring. Driving the carpool? Have a stack of bolo bracelets at the ready to dazzle any interaction at any age. Getting drinks on the fly? Our stud earrings, like all our pieces, are 925 Sterling Silver with lab-cut gems and diamond simulants, stating right off that you have the right to look fabulous without further eliminating natural resources. 

In other words, Anna Zuckerman jewelry has not been made just for special days. We are for EVERY day. 

Is it luxurious? Yes. Does it make the wearer feel like royalty? Absolutely. Should only the elite buy and wear this affordable designer fashion? That would be counter to the very principles by which Anna started the company. 

Everyday Sparkle

“Every woman deserves to sparkle!” That was Anna’s mantra from before this business had a name. With this slight enhancement to our image, we hope to be taking a significant step closer to making that mantra a reality. 
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