Is It OK If Your Diamond Engagement Ring Isn’t “Real?”

Is It OK If Your Diamond Engagement Ring Isn’t “Real?” - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Anna Zuckerman Luxury offers 5 reasons why you should propose with a diamond simulant ring

Warning up front: This one’s for the guys.

If you’re new to AZL and have yet to become familiar with Diamond Simulants, here’s what you need to know:

Anastasia 57

Diamond Simulants look just like diamonds, but are manufactured from different materials. The simulants sold at are a step above Cubic Zirconia, in that they are coated with Diamond Crystalline, a nanocrystaline synthetic layer to the base, which provides a sparkle previously unattainable with what used to be called costume jewelry.

Before you think, “my girl is going to insist on the real thing,” keep in mind: Diamond Simulant engagement rings have recently become all the rage. Why? Consider the reasons below…

1. You have to be a professional jeweler to know it’s not a real diamond engagement ring

Which is not to say you should hide the fact that your fiance’s engagement ring isn’t actually a real 7 carat diamond, but when you tell her that neither people nor the environment were harmed in the manufacturing of her ring, that no money went to warlords or world banks, and that your frugality translates to more money for the wedding ceremony and your shared life after? Dude, you’re in.

2. Imagine spending half your annual salary for the “wrong” ring?

People are funny when it comes to fulfilling their “dream” wedding, and many poor souls have spent thousands of dollars on a ring, only to be told it doesn’t have the exact look she’s always wanted, and are sent back to the jeweler(!). Avoid any such awkward exchanges by offering a placement ring, something she can show her family and friends with pride until you can get her the traditional ring she’s always imagined. And you never know...these diamond simulants look so real, she might just be thrilled with what you gave her during that magical proposal.

3. Stuff happens

While there is no reason to believe your proposal will be turned down or, worse, accepted just so the relationship hits a rocky point and everything collapses before the big happens. Hope for the best, but have backup plans for the worst. If you’re concerned about what a toll natural diamond extraction takes on the planet, and how much an engagement ring can cost versus where you are financially at the moment, and she isn’t? You will feel grateful to have limited your personal leveraging to a few hundred dollars, rather than several thousand.

Something every diamond buyer should keep in mind: Diamonds are NOT an investment. Once you “drive off the lot,” your outlay depreciates drastically. If anything happens and the engagement gets canceled? There is no way you will be able to sell that diamond back for what you paid for it.

Additionally, if you plan to travel as a couple, or if she travels a lot for work, a Diamond Simulant engagement ring is the perfect way to offset any potential loss should the ring (or any jewelry) go missing.

4. You’re not alone

Faux diamond rings are ideal during these modern times, which means Diamond Simulants represent a fast-growing trend. More and more prospective husbands (and wives) are realizing that demi-precious rings are the smartest choice by far. Being honest, some women are tired of waiting for their significant others to be able to afford that real diamond before proposing. They want to get to the work of building a life together, and do not care about historical convention at all. Show her your initiative and see immediately if she’s really the one.

5. The price, man...the price

There isn’t a lot of leeway when it comes to the price for a traditional diamond engagement ring. Diamond simulants, on the other hand, have a variety of reasonable prices, so you can easily research an engagement ring based on your specific budget or preferred cost. Proposing almost spontaneously? You can have an exquisite AZL engagement ring on her finger within a few short shipping days, and then you can decide later if you want to upgrade to a natural diamond ring...or not. When you need money for a mortgage or a new car or to furnish a nursery, for example, you will congratulate yourself for thinking so far ahead.

Victoria 51

More than one bottom line

When you consider the limited impact on natural resources, and the considerable relief to your bank account, a Diamond Simulant engagement ring from Anna Zuckerman Luxury just makes all the sense. Visit our website or a participating store near you, and go see about a girl!

[Top image: Anastasia 57 Ring DW 7ct. Bottom image: Victoria 51 Ring DW 4ct. Both retail for just $ what are you waiting for?]