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It Pays To Subscribe With Anna Zuckerman - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Our unprecedented BOGO FREE offer has been extended, exclusively to our newsletter fans!

Another Valentines has come and gone, and while some significant others knocked it out of the park, others unfortunately balked (Superbowl was last week, so we’re getting ahead of our baseball metaphors). Even if you hit a homerun (we’ll stop), there’s always another birthday, anniversary, or occasion to make her feel special right around the bases…we mean corner.

Anna Zuckerman’s amazing Buy One, Get One FREE Valentines Event was a tremendous success, driven by those who have come to know, appreciate, and follow the brand. It was available to anyone shopping on the site, because we want to get the word out, but now we want to scale back and thank those who connect with us the most.

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We recently reached out to all our newsletter subscribers to let them know that we’ve extended their BOGO FREE offer until February 20th, along with the coupon code required at checkout.

Bottom line, we feel some privileges should come from having a favorite brand. Our subscribers were nice enough to confirm that they want to hear about new offers or new pieces before anyone else, and we wanted to reward them even more just for being fans!

Of course, regular blog readers are fans too! If you haven’t had the opportunity to join our contact list, click here and sign up! We’ll provide you with a link for the BOGO offer to be applied automatically to your cart.

Even if you would prefer not to sign up just yet, we want to thank you for being such a loyal fan of fashion, and encourage you to check back here often for updates. You can also browse our social media accounts (all @annazuckermanluxury) AND/OR our YouTube channel (or any platform from which you like to download podcasts) for episodes of Anna on the Rocks with a Twist! We’re only a few weeks into our weekly podcast production, but Anna and Jim Fredrick (South Florida comedian and corporate communicator) are having a blast! And it’s only getting better from here!

Anna on the Rocks Ep 2