Jewelry Pieces To Pack For Your Summer Vacation

Jewelry Pieces To Pack For Your Summer Vacation

If jewelry is part of your everyday look and a facet of your expression of style, then, of course, you are going to want to take jewelry with you when you go on vacation. There is a but, however because you dress differently on vacation.

A vacation is a perfect excuse to wear things you wouldn’t wear every day at home, clothes that aren’t fit for work, the chance to try a different look. You might have a summer vacation capsule wardrobe or you may think it’s a perfect time to splash out on a whole load of new gear. You may even have specific vacation jewelry that you reserve for summer travel, but that doesn’t stop you from adding to your jewelry collection.

Vacation jewelry can enhance your summer style. It’s all about choosing the right pieces.

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”  - Elizabeth Taylor

How to Choose Summer Jewelry

The assumption here is that summer travel usually involves somewhere hot and sunny. And that matters because there are some considerations that are different from those if you were taking a vacation somewhere cold.

These are the essential tips for choosing a piece of jewelry for a summer outfit

Consider the neckline

There are some simple rules you can follow here:

V-shape, heart-shape, and low necklines - choose a simple pendant and pair it with some subtle stud earrings or gold hoops to outline your face.

Tube tops - a bold choker is a statement necklace that works well as does a beaded necklace with a matching beaded bangle.

Boat neckline, off-shoulder, spaghetti straps - the ideal choice is a low-hanging pendant necklace, or go for multiple necklaces in a layered look.

High or collared neckline - focus on statement earrings and a bracelet instead of a necklace.

Patterned outfit = simple jewelry

Gorgeous prints are a feature of summer and if you’re going bold, simple jewelry works best. Thin chains and narrow hoop earrings work well with polka dots, tribal prints, animal prints, etc.

When to choose a statement piece of jewelry

If you lean more towards the understated or block colors in your summer wardrobe, statement necklaces, heavy bangles and statement earrings should be on your list when you visit the jewelers.

Match to Your Skintone

Jewelry can look even better when it works well with your skin tone. If you are someone fair who tans easily, remember your skin is going to get darker as you spend time in the sun so you might want different jewelry for the start and end of your summer vacation.

A simple rule of thumb is that silver is great for fair skin because it brings out cooler tones while gold brings out the warm tones of a darker complexion. The most versatile choice is rose gold because it works for all skin tones.

Have some jewelry just for summer travel

Summer vacation is freedom to do things you wouldn’t normally do at home and that includes your wardrobe. You wouldn’t normally wear a tube top and shorts but on vacation, you can match it with some fabulous jewelry. Likewise, a pair of macrame sandals are not workwear but they’re terrific paired with an anklet in a summer jewelry collection.

Invest in some staple pieces

If you buy a few staple pieces, they will last you a lifetime of summer vacations. Staple means timeless pieces that never go out of style like a pair of gold hoop earrings, a thin and mid-length chain, and a tennis bracelet. They will form the basis of any jewelry collection, home or away.

Learn the rules and break them!

The above tips, or rules if you want to call them, are great when you’re stuck for ideas or just starting to build your travel jewelry collection but we all know rules are meant to be broken. Like we always say, jewelry is self-expression. If you want to create your own show-stopping looks on summer vacation by breaking the rules, then go for it.

5 Fabulous Pieces of Jewelry for a Summer Vacation

We’ve picked out just five items from Anna Zuckerman with the reasons why they belong in your suitcase.

Olivia 10 Stars Necklace

If you’re lucky enough for your summer travel destination to be a tropical paradise, your wardrobe is going to be light, flimsy, and let’s be honest, minimal. Floaty dresses and skirts and skimpy tops are the order of the day. Those skimpy tops need a piece of jewelry that accentuates the tanned flesh on show. This gorgeous elongated necklace looks perfect with any item of clothing with spaghetti straps and also with a swimsuit if you’re just soaking up the sun rather than swimming. p.s., there is a matching bracelet to this necklace.

Anastasia 04 Rose Gold Earrings

Perfect for night-time wear, you can sparkle your way through a cocktail hour or after-dinner drinks in these stunning drop earrings. The rose gold will suit any complexion at the beginning or end of any summer vacation (also available in yellow or white gold).

What says flirty and vivacious more than a beautiful butterfly? This statement ring adds a fun touch to any summer outfit. It’s eye-catching and a bit of a conversation starter. (Also available in silver).

Cuff bracelets don’t have to be big chunky affairs as this feminine beauty testifies. Just imagine it halfway up an arm that has been kissed by the sun, against a plain black dress.

Sometimes the perfect finishing touch to a summer outfit is a pop of color. This simple necklace is nothing fancy or fussy. You just have the dilemma of picking your favorite from the choice of 18 different colors. Maybe choose 2 or 3 to pop in your carry-on!