Look Who's Wearing AZL!

Look Who's Wearing AZL! - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Anna Zuckerman Luxury looks back at the last several months of remarkable exposure

Julia Michaels for BASIC Magazine

We don’t want to say it *started* with Julia Michaels ( the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who burst onto the music scene in 2010. But we did receive word that Julia was photographed in the recent issue of BASIC Magazine ( with a pair of Anna Zuckerman Luxury earrings (Diana 08) being applied. It seems her stylist, Khai St. Lawrence ( brought them for the shoot, and we can’t hardly express enough appreciation! And that’s when we realized...that’s been happening a LOT lately.

Rocsi Diaz hosting Alter Ego

Just a few weeks ago, Rocsi Diaz ( participated in a promotion video for the new FOX show she’s hosting, Alter Ego. In it, she’s wearing our Arabella 12 earrings and Arabella 01 ring, while wrangling such personalities as Will.I.Am, Nick Lachey, Alanis Morissette and Grimes. It’s amazing the sort of talent we find appreciating our collections.

Cardi B Fairy-theme Birthday

For instance, Cardi B ( posted pictures of her daughter’s fairytale-themed party, and in them the rapper and actress wore two AZL bracelets (our Victoria 32 cuff bracelet and the Grace 19 diamond white bracelet). AZL makes celebrity dreams come true, at a price point *anyone* can appreciate!

Esther Ku, Comedian, Actress, and Model

Speaking of appreciating, this next one is a bit of a cheat. We actually invited veteran stand up performer (and Last Comic Standing finalist) Ester Ku ( to model for us at a big photo shoot we orchestrated back in mid July. She was amazing and refined, and surprised us all by posting a selfie on her own page before the day was even done, because she felt so glamorous in our Grace 39 emerald green statement necklace, she couldn’t wait to let her fans know!.

Paula Abdul swag

While mentioning fans, we are HUGE fans of Paula Abdul (, the pop sensation who will always be forever our girl! So you can only imagine how much screaming happened around the office when she showed up for her big HSN show premier wearing her own favorite AZL! For this one, we’ll just quote the Daily Mail: “Paula Abdul dazzled as she stepped out in Los Angeles for her Home Shopping Network special on Wednesday. ‘The American Idol star accessorized with a ruffled top, dangling silver earrings and matching shoes during the outing.’ Abdul debuted the Anastasia 04 earrings during her 24-hour “HSN Forever Your Curl Special” with her hairstylist, Martino Cartier ( She was even seen wearing them out to dinner after the special!” THEN she appeared at #ThriveWithPride the LA Pride concert for TikTok, wearing her very own Elizabeth 36 diamond white necklace! We could plotz!

Sofia Pernas 2021 MTV Awards

Being honest, ANY event is the perfect event to show off your preferred Anna Zuckerman Luxury pieces. Case in point, when NCIS actress Sofia Pernas ( went to the 2021 MTV Music & TV Awards back in May, along with her new beau (aka new husband), Justin Hartley (, she simply HAD to wear her emerald green Elizabeth 09 earrings, her jade green Arabella 09 ring, AND her Victoria 32 cuff bracelet! The results spoke for themselves.

Nina Parker at the Oscars

Before that, in April, E! host Nina Parker ( broke down the 2021 Oscars red carpet fashion trends while wearing the AZL Arabella 01 ring, in addition to announcing the launch of Macy's first-ever Black-owned plus-size clothing line! It was like being a part of history!

March alone saw Anna Zuckerman love coming from the likes of Carrie Underwood ( - in Arabella 12 canary yellow earrings on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown), rapper and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion ( - wearing both the Grace 10 and the Elizabeth 01 rings in a promotional photo session), and Supergirl actress Krys Marshall ( - pictured with our Grace 08 ring during a For All Mankind virtual press tour). 
Carrie Underwood, Megan Thee Stallion, and Krys Marshall

When you consider that the official Anna Zuckerman Luxury line of ethically-sustainable, lab created, demi-precious jewelry only officially launched in late 2020, the early onset of high-profile pop culture appreciation has been as surprising as it has been gratifying. 

Jackie Aina - Cosmo

Not only were we included in the amazing photo shoot by beauty influencer Jackie Aina ( for Cosmopolitan’s Black History Month feature in Feb, she wore no less than 6 different pieces (Grace 06 ring in emerald green, Diana 05 ring in argyle pink, Arabella 01 ring in canary yellow, Olivia 02 butterfly ring, Olivia 16 earrings, and our Arabella 12 earrings in canary yellow)!

Lilly Singh on Drew Barrymore

And before that? Canadian actress, comedian, and talk-show host Lilly Singh ( - we do love our comics) appeared remotely on the Drew Barrymore Show (social distancing being in high gear then), wearing our Olivia 18 necklace and gold Anastasia 30 hoops, showing you can be stylish even while on the couch at home.

So, as you can see, a pretty big launch year for AZL! And it isn’t stopping anytime soon! Later this week, Team AZL will be attending the JCK trade show being held in Las Vegas (Friday, 8/27 thru Monday, 8/30) at the Venetian Resort & Sands Expo, which will be the largest national trade show we’ve attended so far. If you’re going to be in the area, stop by booth 14025 in the Design Collective Neighborhood. We will be showcasing both new and established pieces (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and tiaras), most with the median retail price of under $200.

Thank you for reading! We wanted to provide an extra serving of blog before we spend the next week traveling. If you aren’t going to be in Vegas, perhaps the next best thing is getting 25% OFF any Anna Zuckerman Luxury order (excluding Clearance items)? Simply help us celebrate going Back-to-School by entering Coupon Code BTS25 at the end of your purchase. Enjoy, keep reviving your passions, and we’ll see you back here soon...CUT! THAT’S A WRAP!