Looking for AZL in Your Area? Check Out Our Partner Store Program!

Looking for AZL in Your Area? Check Out Our Partner Store Program! - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Many of today's shoppers have acclimated to the new normal that is online shopping, especially as more retailers have improved upon their returns processes and navigating the perils of shipping. But some of us like to touch and otherwise inspect the quality of a product before making that important purchase decision. Anna Zuckerman Luxury gets and respects that. 

AZL is dedicated to working with passionate jewelers who are committed to offering their customers every opportunity to look stunning. If you have been thinking about trying one of our amazing collections but want to personally see the craftsmanship before making a commitment, we eagerly recommend you visit one of the following stores. They cannot wait to help you!


EEM Jewelry Design

 Ezzo - EEM Jewelry & Design – Cleveland, OH 

EEM Jewelry and Design is the experienced Custom Jeweler in the Greater Cleveland area. They create once-in-a-lifetime jewelry for your once-in-a-lifetime moments. And their one-on-one approach allows them to offer superior personal service to each customer. They work with you to meet your design and budget needs. 

“Style, design, and quality at an unbeatable price! With Anna Zuckerman Luxury, my customers are always able to get quality jewelry they never dreamed they could own!” 


EK Jewelers

Erica Kissack – EK Jewelers LLC - Gillette, WY 

EK Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry, with on-site jewelry repairs, and stunning vintage jewelry. Search for loose diamonds and gemstones, engagement rings, ring mountings, fashion jewelry, and much more!  

“We love AZL jewelry because it gives clients the BIG look at such an affordable price!!!! And everyone thinks they’re THE REAL DEAL (which is even better)!!!” 


Midtown Pawn & Jewelry


Robert Suci – Midtown Pawn and Jewelry - Ft. Myers, FL 

MidTown Pawn & Jewelry, owned by Robert Suci, opened in July 2018. Their friendly, courteous, and professional staff includes a Jewelry Repair Specialist, while the store offers a wide range of fine jewelry, tools, musical instruments, electronics, and much more. MidTown Pawn & Jewelry is dedicated to finding you a personal solution. 

My customers like her line because it is a fantastic look on a small budget.  Many customers have commented that it is great travel jewelry.” 


Sedona by Manzano


Gabriela Manzano – Sedona by Manzano Jewelers - Arlington Heights, IL  

Sedona by Manzano Jewlers is a family-owned jewelry business which originated as Manzano’s Jewelry nearly 24 years ago. They cultivate and value customers who are simply looking for a unique piece of fine jewelry, custom designs, handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry, uniquely handcrafted pieces, collectors with a keen eye for Native American jewelry, or any customer searching for professional jewelry repairs. 

“Anna's line says it all, shine, luxury, elegance. Customers love it! For us, it's our mission, Happy Customers.” 


The Smith Jewelry


Shelia Catsavis – The Smith Jewelry & Living Store – Fort Smith, AR 

“Anna Zuckerman’s jewelry is for the customer who wants a very high-end look without breaking the bank to achieve it. My customers have been amazed at the quality of her pieces!” 


And don’t forget, you can always stop by our destination location in South Florida... 

AZL Circle

Anna Zuckerman Luxury – Boca Raton, FL 


If you own a jewelry location and wish to be a part of the AZL Partner Store Program, contact Robin Snyderman , our National Sales Manager, and start taking advantage of the benefits today! For a comprehensive list of retailers partnering with AZL, check out our Partner Store Program page here. 



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