New AZL Product Unveiling (Part 1)

New AZL Product Unveiling (Part 1)

Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury introduces new pieces  
before the summer trade shows 


To be honest, Anna is designing new renewable and sustainable accessories all the time, and we receive new pieces into our collections at a rapid pace. With summer on the way, which means a new season of industry events, we wanted to give you a rundown of all our newest editions (so far), before they get picked up by independent stores throughout the country and beyond! Get them while the inventory supports the interest! 


Anastasia 20 Diamond White Necklace 

Anastasia 20

We wanted to kick this unveiling off with a bang and could not have picked better. Whether you choose the 2ct or 5ct round crystalline, you will beam with brilliance walking into any room. The pavé halo of diamond alternatives only serves to enhance this showstopping gem, while the dainty chain set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver assures you can wear it with absolutely anything (or nothing at all). 



Anastasia 64 Pavé Huggie Earrings 


Anastasia 64

Before going to the extreme of fusing jewels directly into your ears, try these huggie earrings, each with a 4ct round white crystalline diamond alternative set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver. They will not be able to tell where your lobes end and the sparkle begins, and isn’t that honestly the goal of jewelry? 


Anastasia 66 Sapphire Blue Gold Earrings 

Anastasia 66


Combining the good luck/karma associated with a blue evil eye, and the healthy energy and power attributed to gold, this contemporary set of earrings have 1tcw for the pair and is set in yellow gold plated 925 Sterling Silver. Resist all the bad energy in style. 



Anastasia 67 Bangle Bracelet 

Anastasia 67

Imagine a 50-prong set of white crystalline diamond alternatives for 1tcw in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, or Diamond White plated 925 Sterling Silver. It is petite, but powerful, with a secure side clasp and a regal look and feel. The perfect gift for the wrist that should stand out. 


Anastasia 68 Ring 

Anastasia 68

There are events and outfits where only vintage will do. For those times, might we recommend this 3ct round center ring, in your choice of Diamond White, Argyle Pink, Canary Yellow, or Purple Amethyst? Picture 4 prongs of pavé diamond alternatives, with a half band of hidden halo 3.5tcw set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver. The event and outfit do not really matter. This vintage-inspired ring is perfect all the time.  


Stop back here soon for more updates and even more new fashion options exclusively from Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury!