New AZL Product Unveiling (Part 2)

New AZL Product Unveiling (Part 2)

Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury introduces even more new pieces as preparation for summer gets underway 


As we mentioned previously, Anna is designing new renewable and sustainable accessories constantly, and we receive new pieces into our collections at a furious pace. Summer being on the way means a new season of industry events, so we wanted to give you a rundown of all our newest editions in 2022 (so far) before they get picked up by independent jewelers and unique gift vendors throughout the country and beyond! Get them before demand gobbles up supply! 


Arabella 08 Sapphire Blue Earrings 


Arabella 08

Step back in time and into a royal ball with these decadent 4tcw post earrings. The Asscher lab cut sapphire blue corundum is surrounded by an ornate double halo of white diamond alternatives set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver. When you hit the town wearing these, you let your inner aristocracy shine. 


Arabella 09 Ring 

 Arabella 09

Another stunning vintage-inspired accessory, each 2ct Asscher cut is surrounded by an ornate halo of diamond alternatives in a split-shank ring set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver. Whether you choose Jade Green or Saphire Blue, this new design is perfect for a formal get together or for catching eyes in contrast to an everyday outfit. Pairs beautifully with Arabella earrings and necklaces. 


Arabella 16 Necklace 

Arabella 16

 Whether Jade Green or Saphire Blue, this 2ct Asscher lab-cut corundum is surrounded by an ornate double halo of diamond simulants on AZL’s signature adjustable (16” to 18”) chain set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver. Appropriate no matter the occasion, or for no occasion, this new vintage-inspired piece pairs stunningly with our Arabella rings and earrings. 


Diana 28 Ring 

Diana 28 Ring

Offered in Vivid Blue, Argyle Pink, and Canary Yellow, each 3ct cushion lab-cut gem is accompanied by four baguette diamond alternative accents. The 3.5tcw is set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver and elevates every look. Is it an engagement ring? A promise ring? Is it real? Only your jewelry knows for sure. 


Diana 39 Earrings 

 Diana 39

To be filed away under “big glamor in small packages,” these 1ct lab-cut cushions come in Argyle Pink or Canary Yellow. Helping them stand out is a double halo of matching pink or yellow AND white diamond alternatives, resulting in 3tcw set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver, as well as an understated “wow!” 


Grace 21 Ring 

 Grace 21 Ring

Whether it is an impressive everyday ring or an engagement ring that will blow their minds, this might be the ring that makes you fall completely in love with diamond alternatives. 4tcw set in platinum, rose gold or yellow gold plated 925 Sterling Silver, it is dainty, versatile, and must be seen to be believed. 


Grace 60 Ring 

Grace 60 Ring

More than “vintage inspired,” this ring opens a portal to a by-gone age, where glamor reigned supreme and the more intricate the more coveted. While the 2.5 carat emerald cut gem may have been shaped in a lab, the alluring halo of various sized round diamond alternatives that culminate in 3tcw set in platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold plated 925 Sterling silver, make it an enviable piece of fashion at any event. 


Stop back here soon for another update and even more new fashion options exclusively from Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury!