New AZL Product Unveiling (Part 3)

New AZL Product Unveiling (Part 3)

Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury introduces
still more new pieces 
before taking them on the road 


This will be the last blog dedicated to our new line additions...until Anna designs more and we get more inventory, which happens all the time.  

As discussed, Anna regularly designs new renewable and sustainable accessories, and we receive new pieces into our collections at a dizzying pace. Summer brings a new season of industry events, so we wanted to give you a spotlight on our newest editions to date before wholesalers begin stocking their inventory in earnest. This is your chance to update your collection while supplies last! 


Kate 01 Necklace Pendant 

 Kate 01

For those who find beauty in simplicity, this .75ct or 1ct pendant (your choice) offers quiet elegance and the perfect embodiment of less being more. The diamond alternative has a classic emerald cut and is set in either platinum or yellow gold-plated 925 Sterling Silver. Sometimes small statements make the biggest impact. 



Kate 24 Heart Necklace 

Kate 24


Start with a 3ct sapphire blue heart shaped lab-cut gem, then add an exquisite halo of diamond alternatives, plus pear and marquise simulant drops, and what you have is 6tcw set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver, not to mention a remarkable conversation starter. 





Kate 25 Pave Heart Necklace 

Kate 25 Heart


Show off how your heart sparkles with this .5” pavé white diamond alternatives heart on a 17” Anna Zuckerman signature adjustable chain. Choose from platinum or rose gold plated 925 Sterling Silver. 



Olivia 10 Stars Stud Earrings  

 Olivia 10 Stars

Declare your superstar status without saying a word with these trendy, showstopper star studs! 2tcw set in platinum, yellow or rose gold plated 925 Sterling Silver, they make any outfit shine brighter. 


Olivia 21 Bracelet 

 Olivia 21 Bracelet

How can one accessory be so demure yet so demanding of attention? This new bracelet features various alternating shapes for a total carat weight of 16, while the diamond alternatives flare even brighter set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver. It’s your time to shine! 


Victoria 42 Ring 

 Victoria 42 Ring

Who’s going to say “no” when offered this 4ct oval diamond alternative set on a dainty ring with diamond simulant pavé sides for 4.5tcw set in platinum plated 925 Sterling Silver? No girl with social media, because this ring looks AMAZING on every platform! 


Debuting in 2020, Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury has taken the diamond alternative industry by storm! South Florida residents can visit her flagship store at Mizner Park (Boca Raton), while industry insiders are encouraged to stop by booth 17135 at JCK Las Vegas (June 10th–13th) to meet the CEO and lead designer behind the fastest growing brand in renewable, sustainable jewelry! 

And everyone should stop back here often for more updates and even more new fashion options exclusively from Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury! 

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