Trying to Stay Within Your Budget This Holiday Season? AZL has 5 Reasons Why Demi-Precious Jewelry Should Be on Santa’s List

Trying to Stay Within Your Budget This Holiday Season? AZL has 5 Reasons Why Demi-Precious Jewelry Should Be on Santa’s List - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Anna Zuckerman Luxury will put a smile on her face
(without leaving coal in your bank account)


Would you look at the calendar? Time is flying! We often do thoughtful, flowery introductions to these blogs, but you need to know right now why and how demi-precious jewelry from Anna Zuckerman Luxury is going to keep the woman in your life talking all year long without giving your credit card bill the business in January. So, let’s get to it... 


1. We bridge quality and affordability

Demi-precious jewelry is the perfect marriage of fashion and luxury so every modern woman can wear contemporary jewelry designs crafted from quality materials at an affordable price.  

At AZL, all our jewelry is considered demi-precious as we craft each piece using traditional rhodium plating techniques with precious metals such as 925 Sterling Silver. 

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2. Has she ever wanted an actual jewelry collection? 

If she loves the layered necklace look, ear parties, or bracelet stacks, and she is looking for an effortless style update, demi-precious jewelry will add some deluxe detail to her everyday outfits. It is versatile and long-lasting, making it perfect for building a collection without taking on a second mortgage. 


3. We’re not talking costume jewelry 

The main difference between demi-precious jewelry and costume jewelry is the metals used to craft each piece. Costume jewelry is made with base metal, which is the cheapest way to manufacture disposable jewelry. Base metal is an unspecified mix of metals often flash plated with a thin layer of gold or silver. It is prone to discoloring very quickly and may contain metals such as nickel that will irritate the skin. 

AZL offers a remarkable variety of 925 Sterling Silver pieces, plated in either triple rhodium platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. From standout engagement rings to intricate bolo bracelets, and much more, we work tirelessly to create new pieces that offer a moment in time to always cherish. 

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4. She can wear it every day

Demi-precious jewelry is designed to be worn daily, we only recommend taking it off while sleeping, bathing, or applying lotions and sprays. Check out our care guide for our top tips on demi-precious jewelry care. 


5. Durability promotes long-term appreciation (and affection) 

Think about it. Demi-precious jewelry crafted in precious metals does not discolor or cause any stains on your skin like can happen from costume jewelry. If your AZL jewelry does dull over time, a gold or silver polishing cloth will usually bring your jewelry back to its original state, or you can take it to a professional jeweler to polish up. Between that and the inherently increased durability provided with 925 Sterling Silver, this is a gift you can give with confidence that it will endure many wears, many events and pictures, and much reminiscing throughout the years to come. 

If you’re looking for specific gift ideas while there’s still time, be sure to check out our blogs here and here, for fashion-forward ideas and best sellers. And don’t panic. So long as she’s opening a gift from AZL, you got this!

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