What Are Cuban Link Bracelets and Why You Should Own Them

What Are Cuban Link Bracelets and Why You Should Own Them

Cuban link bracelets have been a major trend this year, but this chain style is far from new. Cuban links have a timelessly bold look that has kept them in fashion for decades. Read on to discover more about this on-trend yet timeless design, including what defines it and why you should own one. 


What Are Cuban Link Bracelets


The Cuban link bracelet is a classic bracelet style defined by its signature links. Cuban links are a variation of curb chain links, which are twisted and flattened types of cable links. Cuban links are similarly twisted and flattened but are rounder and thicker with a denser interlocking pattern. This gives Cuban links their distinctly chunky look. 


Classic Yet Bold 


Cuban link chains are loved for their undeniably bold style. This has made them a longtime favorite of rappers and hip-hop artists, but Cuban links transcend genre. Cuban link jewelry is also popular among everyone from fashionistas to punk rockers. It's wearable yet an eye-catching type of chain that appeals to a broad range of tastes. 


High Versatility  



Cuban bracelets and necklaces offer immense versatility. They can be set with various gemstones and crafted out of any precious metal, so even a single chain can have a customized look. Cuban chains are also an excellent anchor piece for a bracelet stack or layered necklace look, or for a large pendant accent. 


Comfort and Style 


Cuban link bracelets have tight links that stay in place better compared to other curb chains. Links that stay in place are far less likely to get tangled or snag your clothing, so many people find Cuban links more effortless and comfortable compared to other chain link styles.


Perfect for Gemstones 


Another advantage of having tight links is that they’re less likely to rub against each other. This makes Cuban links ideal for diamonds and gemstones that can easily scratch precious metals like gold. Essentially, these tight links keep blinged-out Cuban link jewelry from accidentally damaging itself during wear. 

The fact that Cuban link chains are flattened also gives jewelers plenty of space to showcase bling. Cuban chain bracelets have a high surface area that’s just waiting to be set with carat after carat of gorgeous gems. 


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