What is the Best Diamond Shape for your Hand?

What is the Best Diamond Shape for your Hand?

It is true what they say; diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, it would be fair to say that not all friendships are equal! What we are trying to say is that while any kind of diamond ring is absolutely beautiful in its own right, there are a few different considerations that a woman needs to take into account when browsing to make sure that she is getting the best possible engagement ring for her.

There are, of course, things like personal preference and budget to think about when diamond shopping, but one of the things that so many people tend to forget at the moment is, ironically, their own hands!

Ask any diamond expert and they will tell you that the impact and visual effect of any diamond shape can be completely different when worn on different types of hands. From small hands to large hands to long fingers to short fingers to slender fingers to wide fingers and everything in-between, diamond shape and overall ring shape can be drastically different depending on the physical hand and fingers that you are working with.

Think about it this way; you don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on a diamond engagement ring only to find that it doesn’t look as good on your hand as it did on the model! To help you in your quest to find the perfect engagement ring for you, here is a thorough guide on which diamond shape is most suitable for all of the most common types of hands we can think of!

 The Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Let’s begin our guide with a list of the most popular type of diamond shapes that you will find on ring settings all over the world.

When shopping for the best diamond shape for you, these names are the ones that you are most likely going to come across and be presented with.

Is There A Universal Choice?

Before we get into the details of different hand shapes and finger shapes, it is worth stating that there is a particular diamond shape and ring style that is widely considered to be flattering on anyone.

This universally flattering shape is the round diamond. The simplicity of the surface area for a round cut diamond is something that fits both larger hands and smaller hands, and for most people around the world, a simple round cut diamond will probably be one of the more affordable options as well.

Smaller Hands And Short Fingers

If you have small hands and/or shorter fingers, then you are better off choosing a smaller-sized diamond to match the proportions of the body part that the ring is going to be sitting on.

  • Pear shape, marquise shape, and oval shape diamonds are all ideal for smaller hands and fingers.
  • These shapes are also flattering because they can help to create the illusion of a much longer, more slender finger than you have.
  • When you have small fingers, it is also important to note that these particular diamond shapes have larger surface areas than others, which means that they can potentially look bigger even when you have opted for the lower carat weight.
  • Another good piece of advice for those with smaller hands is to choose a thin band for the gemstone because a thicker band will only make your fingers look stubbier.

Wider Fingers

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that having wide fingers is a bad thing because it means that you can pull off bigger, bolder styles. Much more room for bling!

  • Fancy, oval, marquise, radiant cut, and emerald-cut are all great choices for a wider finger because they pack a lot of stone and they can also have the effect of creating the illusion of a longer, slimmer hand.
  • Three stone rings are also a good choice for a woman with wider fingers.
  • When your finger is wide, the most sensible choice band-wise is either a medium or wide band. Thin bands are trendy, but a thick band will help your fingers to look in proportion next to the bold designs of your larger diamond.

 Long Fingers And Thin Hands

If you are lucky enough to have naturally long, thin fingers, then you are massively in luck. You have a lot of freedom in the design of your ring, including pretty much any size of center stone that you wish. The larger the stone, the better it will look on your finger.

  • Any diamond shape is the perfect diamond shape when you have thin fingers.
  • Slim fingers are suited to thicker bands, and you will even have room for side stones.
  • Long fingers are also ideal because they provide room for split shanks without running the risk of overpowering your hand.
  • You can get away with some elongated shapes and bold designs because slim fingers tend to interfere the least with the overall look of a diamond ring.

Square Fingers And Hands

If your fingers and/or hands are more of a square shape, then it makes sense to opt for a cut that adds more roundness to the hand to provide a contrast.

  • Oval cut, marquise cut, and pear cut diamonds all help to create the illusion of a longer, more slender finger.
  • Try to avoid square shape diamonds like princess cut and Asscher cut because these will only serve to accentuate the ‘squareness’ that is already present.
  • Avoid wide bands, and instead, explore the possibility of a tapered band that will help to distract from the overall squareness of your hand.
  • Add as many feminine touches as you can. Something like a classic side stone on an engagement ring is ideal.

Large And Prominent Knuckles

If you have larger knuckles that stand out prominently on your hand, then the trick is to find a diamond shape and ring setting that is large enough to make those knuckles seem smaller.

  • The larger, the better for someone with prominent knuckles. The particular cut isn’t as important as the carat weight in this situation, it is all about achieving the largest surface area possible to match the size of the knuckle.
  • In terms of bands, the wider the better. A wideband will help to distract from the larger size of the knuckle, and will also have the effect of making the overall hand look smaller.
  • Something else to consider for larger knuckles is the actual size of the band. You will want to make sure that you can slide the band over each knuckle without problem, and that might mean going up a size or two depending on your measurements.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these suggestions have helped to point you in the right direction for your own hands and fingers, but at the end of the day, choosing something like an engagement ring is always going to be down to a personal choice.

If you find something that you fall in love with, then that is all that matters. Follow these simple tips and we are sure that you will discover your dream ring in no time at all.

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