What’s the Difference Between Bolos and Tennis Bracelets?

What’s the Difference Between Bolos and Tennis Bracelets? - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

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Bracelets have come a long way. How long? Archeologists have found evidence of people wearing bracelets in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China. The wearing of jewelry for adornment and ritual goes as far back as 7,000 years, with bracelets in particular being made of grasses and slender tree limbs before advances were made with the discoveries of copper and bronze.

And, like most jewelry, the personal significance of the bracelet is as varied as the people who wear them. Cultures have a long tradition of imparting symbolism and significance onto a bracelet, depending on the style being given or worn. Women and men throughout the ages have both worn bracelets to express their personal preferences and styles, and those bracelets evolved to symbolize everything from positive energy to good luck to friendship, with a thousand other meanings in-between.

Anna Zuckerman Luxury understands that, to this day, a bracelet can reflect not just an individual style, but a nod to cultural customs and personal beliefs. That’s why AZL has a variety of bracelets in our personalized collections, to fit our customer’s traditions, their personal sense of fashion, and their budget.

The two most popular styles in our catalog are the Bolos and Tennis bracelets. If you are having a hard time deciding which is right for you, or for that someone special who will appreciate a bracelet like no other gift, here is a bit of history and specs about the styles that might help seal the deal.

House of Zuckerman Emerald Green Bolo

Bolo Bracelets - As you may have guessed, bolo bracelets were inspired by the bolo tie, made famous in the Wild West. Similarly, a thin twisted cord is tied and held in place by an elaborate ornament (just around the wrist instead of the neck). Rather than the array of eye-catching gemstones being the primary feature, what’s unique about bolos is the distinctive clasp that represents the ornament on the bolo ties.

Bolo bracelets are a classic favorite, and can be enjoyed by people with wrists of all builds thanks to their adjustable design. While looking absolutely fabulous, bolo bracelets are designed to fit your wrist exactly how you want it to, as the slide allows for adjustment.


Bolo bracelets have an informality to the design, meaning they can be worn anywhere you like, and are enormously suitable for casual and semi-casual events. The minimalist vibe makes it perfect for stacking multiple pieces, which by itself has increased the popularity of the bolo worldwide. And they come in a spectacular variety of colors! Choose your birthstone, support your team or school with their chosen colors, or show your pride with a rainbow of stones! With dazzling colors and the eye-catching patterns of gemstone embellishments, bolos from AZL are best described as “the perfect blend of sophistication and chic.” 

Tennis Bracelets - Much as the bolo bracelets were named after the ties, tennis bracelets were named after the sport...or at least for one of its most iconic players. Chris Evert was competing in the 1987 U.S. Open, when her George Bedewi-designed diamond bracelet broke, and she was forced to ask officials to stop the game so it could be recovered. Legend has it the designer was watching the game on television, and immediately went to work designing a new clasp to ensure that sort of break never happened again. While it was meant for Chris Evert and maybe other tennis players or athletes, it quickly won the world over. 

Olivia 19

Tennis bracelets are narrow chains set with gems, and they can be worn for special occasions or as an everyday piece. Typically lightweight, they are more flexible than most regular bracelets (the bolo being an obvious exception), and you will want to choose a bracelet that is not too loose (so it doesn’t snag) or too tight (where it might pinch or be forced to stretch).

Ultimately, tennis bracelets have proven to be a winning combination of classic jewelry and fashionable trends. They can be worn from the tennis court to the Governer’s Ball without hesitation. And you never have to wonder when it’s the “right time” to wear them...because the answer is now.

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Anna Zuckerman Luxury has the assortment of bolos and tennis bracelets that make a luxurious statement in every lifestyle. As Anna herself says, “Every woman deserves to sparkle,” and with the bracelet collection from AZL, every woman can.