Why Demi Precious is the New Way Forward for Fashion

Why Demi Precious is the New Way Forward for Fashion - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry
Anna Zuckerman put all her chips on 925 Sterling Silver and Lab Created Gems, and now she’s raking in the winnings (and inviting you along for the ride)

Those familiar with Anna Zuckerman know that she ran her own traditional jewelry store in WI (AC Zuckerman Jewelers in Mequon) for over 20 years before committing to ethically-sourced stones set in precious metals. Why the change? Mostly it happened after years of witnessing the basic human truth; being that most customers want a more affordable alternative to diamonds and expensive jewelry...they just don’t want a cheap knockoff.

That’s why Anna became so professionally obsessed with what was then known as nanocrystalline synthetics. It was a process of coating colorless cubic zirconia with a microscopically thin layer of diamond particles. It was so thin, scientific papers devoted to the subject described it as “containing submicroscopic particles of nanocrystalline synthetic diamond embedded in a matrix material.” (Gems and Gemology, Spring 2012)

No matter who was talking about it, they were astonished at what a tremendous leap in quality non-traditional jewelry had made. For Anna, it still wasn’t quite right.

“You could still see it was fake,” she will say, unabashedly. “People don’t mind faux, just so long as it doesn’t *look* fake, and these things were better than they had ever been...but you could still tell very fast the quality of what you were wearing.”

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So Anna made her own industry connections and worked directly with the manufacturing experts to develop Diamond Crystalline (patent pending). It was immediately the most advanced and most convincing nanocrystalline synthetic process ever made available to the market. The CZ materials used are polished to the highest quality standards, while her lab cuts to staggeringly precise angles. When they are face up in the setting, the pattern perfectly mimics the beauty of even the most intricate of diamonds.

Process perfected, Anna then chose 925 Sterling Silver as the foundation for all her pieces. Because not only did she want to be ethically sourced, but price conscientious.

“We have experimented with lab-grown gems and even natural materials such as turquoise and opals and our mother-of-pearl offerings,” Anna confirmed. “And while we still have some of those as part of our collections, the focus on demi-precious pieces and the price point they provide, is now the absolute brand target. That’s the product that differentiates us, and that’s the product in which we are all enormously proud!’

And that’s very much how the Anna Zuckerman Luxury brand and collection of pieces was born! Since launching her website in late 2020, and her flagship storefront in Boca Raton in early 2021, AZL has become the personal and professional choice for hundreds of retailers, fashion photographers, celebrities, and more, and has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. And we’re not nearly done.

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