Look Forward to Going Back to School with Anna Zuckerman Luxury

Look Forward to Going Back to School with Anna Zuckerman Luxury - Anna Zuckerman Luxury Jewelry

Parents, Teachers & Students agree wearing AZL Back-to-School looks brilliant! 


Last year was one of the strangest school years in anyone’s memory, and this year looks like it might have its own share of obstacles. Do not stress...dress to impress and feel more in command and ready for anything the new school year throws at you by accessorizing with the collections at Anna Zuckerman Luxury! 


From Carpools to the PTA, AZL Brings Class Back-to-School 

Everyone wants to shine, but who has the time? Not to mention, is looking fabulous the best use of your money when costs are skyrocketing? The answers are “you” and “yes” (because it is not nearly as much as you might think). The AZL collection items are available for order online and have a median price tag of under $200. If you have been saving up for that signature ring or any other bling, chances are you are already ready. 

Make everyone’s Back-to-School sparkle when you show up to parent orientation or at the big Homecoming game with a new necklace or earrings that only *look* expensive! Others may wonder how you can afford such luxury during such trying times. Whether you want to share the secret with the other moms is entirely up to you. 

Teach Your Own Accessible Brilliance Class with AZL 
Teachers need to feel fabulous too! Accessorize your PPE mask with a set of breathtaking earrings or grab their attention at the chalkboard by sporting one of our Diamond Crystalline rings that will make you look like a fashion expert (while still being affordable for an educator). There will be plenty of nerve-wracking moments in the weeks and months ahead. Knowing you look chic regardless of the circumstances will eliminate *some* of the anxiety to come. 

Comparing Sparkle

Looking Smart is Half the Battle 
You would never send your high school student off to learn wearing heirloom jewelry. But if they are reaching an age where they want to have at least some sophistication, you can give them a unique look that can withstand the wear-and-tear of teenage life. And you will be relieved to know it didn’t cost a fortune if it gets lost or destroyed when kids turn out to still be kids.  
AZL is not just about the statement pieces. We focus on the understated as well. From the actual young to the young at heart, we have fun pieces to break up the monotony of learning. It can be a colorful pair of stud earrings, a delicate bolo bracelet, or even an affordable tiara if she’s turning 16 (already?) this year. Give them the gift of confidence and responsibility by including AZL in your BTS shopping list! 
Pass or Fail? 25% OFF Depends on the Answer 
Remember that occasional test that you took in school which required you to read a whole page of instructions before starting, and then at the bottom of the instructions it said something like, “if you’ve read this far, you’ve passed, you can go”? This is sort of like that. Keen-eyed observers who have read all the way to here, can now get 25% OFF any Anna Zuckerman Luxury order (excluding Clearance items) by entering Coupon Code BTS25 at the end of your purchase. Think of it like getting rewarded for a good report card BEFORE school even starts! Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading, and best of luck in the ’21-‘22 school year!!