Anna on the Rocks (with a Twist) - co-hosted by Anna Zuckerman and Jim Fredrick

Have a long commute? Need some white noise to help you sleep? You can pass the time and almost subliminally learn about demi-precious jewelry and diamond simulants, while maybe having a laugh or two (sometimes even on purpose).

Anna on the Rocks (with a Twist) is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Anna Zuckerman (of Anna Zuckerman) and Jim Fredrick (AZ communications director and South Florida Comedy staple), wherein they discuss fashion, relationships, life experiences, lawsuits, vendettas, and whatever else comes to mind during a 30-40-minute binge first thing in the morning.


Episode 13 - Jingles, Stories, and Extending 420

Anna Zuckerman, CEO and purveyor of Everyday Luxury, and Jim Fredrick, a man of many talents yet strangely few accomplishments, consider jingle options for promoting her line of diamond alternative jewelry, swap stories about the elderly acclimating to a weed nation, poke fun at current events (especially Ted Cruz), and more, all in under 40 minutes. Like, Share, Subscribe, and send  us your ideas for a great jingle for an undetermined cash prize.


Episode 12 - Flirting in Traffic, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Four Twenty

Anna Zuckerman, CEO of the diamond alternative brand known as Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury, and Jim Fredrick, South Florida comedy gadfly, wile away the morning of April 20th, discussing the date's historical significance, who does and probably doesn't listen to the podcast, Colorado mile markers, Hockey moms, more politics of Disney, LauderAle, HP Lovecraft, and whatever else jumped into their ADHD minds. Similarly impaired? Listen, Like, Comment, Share, or just pop a gummy and ponder your belly button, because it's about to get groovy all up in here...


Episode 11 - Pride, Hustle, and Portable Wealth 

Anna Zuckerman Luxury founder and CEO (Anna) and a past-his-prime comedian (Jim Fredrick) host Ron Thurston, Amazon best-selling author of Retail Pride. They swap favorite retail job stories, discuss Ron's Retail in America national tour, discover terrible Easter/Passover gifts, and contemplate counterfeiting shoes in Russia, among other things. Stream us each week for more laughs over libations and maybe something about demi-precious diamond alternative jewelry here and there.



Episode 10 - Woodstock, Polygamy, and the Price of Boca Living

Business owner/entrepreneur Anna (Albanese) Zuckerman, with South Florida writer and comedian Jim Fredrick, are joined by the founder and CEO of Albanese & Sons Building Inc., (and husband to Anna) Leonard Albanese. The three discuss upcoming events, possible marketing campaigns involving a certain former president, how much Leonard dislikes puppets, and why the cost of living in South Florida stays on the rise. Stream us each week for more humorous takes on fashion, Florida, and how we might all still be able to get along.



Episode 9 - Oscars, Furs, and Traffic

Business owner/entrepreneur Anna Zuckerman, with South Florida comedian and professional communicator, Jim Fredrick, reflect on a week filled with surprises, divisions, delays, and disagreements, all with smiles and a positive attitude (and some alcohol and profanity, but what can you do?). Join us each week for glimpses behind the fashion and comedy scenes. Like, Subscribe, Share, or simply stop by each week for a few laughs and unique takes on life.


Episode 8 - Movie Reviews, Political Rallies, & Baghdad Disney

Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury CEO (Anna) and resident Comedian Jim Fredrick occasionally talk diamond simulant jewelry, but mostly discuss why Jim liked Turning Red, what Anna got out of attending a certain former president's speaking tour, why money spent on warfare would be better spent on amusement parks, their upcoming trade show schedule, and more!


 Episode 7 - Becky, Boca, and Trench Coats

 Anna Zuckerman Everyday Luxury CEO, Anna, and Communications Director (and stand up comedian) Jim Fredrick, hold Becky Roberts (from Becky In Boca) hostage, and subject her to demi-fine, demi-precious, diamond simulant enhanced interrogations, plus weird discussions about apps for unsolicited photos, national holidays, how to dictate world peace, and more!


Episode 6 - Daddy Issues, Gas Lines, and International Men's Day

CEO Anna Zuckerman and South Florida comic Jim Fredrick continue their weekly exploration of all things demi-precious, including diamond simulants, discussing prisons during open mics, bulk purchasing, the Atlanta Jewelry Show, pickles, and more!


Episode 5 -  Models, Triumph, and Shame

Anna and Jim discuss their participation in Delray Beach Fashion Week, Anna having been interviewed by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Anna destroying Jim with 10 questions, and more!


Episode 4 - Recaps, Questionnaires, and Imperfect Gems

Anna and Jim talk up their participation in Podapalooza2, 15 questions Jim stole from Stephen Colbert (but didn't tell Anna because she likely doesn't like him much), reincarnation, the joy of performance, the Delray Beach Fashion Week, and more!


Episode 3 - Send Lawyers, Guns, and Demi-Precious Jewelry

Anna calls in while traveling so she and Jim can discuss trunk shows (shout out to Katherine LeGrand), Valentines, the Super Bowl, dreams of North Dakota, the Russia thing, traditional President's Day gifts, why you don't talk about extended friends on podcasts or post with a musket on social media, and the worst confession in all our episodes (so far).


Episode 2 - Groceries and Marriage

AZL CEO/Founder/Lead Designer, Anna Zuckerman, and South Florida comedian, Jim Fredrick, continue to explore the world of demi-precious jewelry and diamond simulants, as well as what it's like to visit Trader Joes for the first time and how the Olympics can force a rift in multi-national relationships. Stop by every week for new episodes!


Episode 1 - Kick Off!

 Anna and Jim introduce a new podcast that showcases her line of demi-precious jewelry, along with stories, laughs, and an incredible offer for listeners.