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Anna Zuckerman Luxury

Arabella 07 Earrings

Arabella 07 Earrings

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Feeling vintage? Want to return to the elegant, if not maybe the borderline extravagant? Imagine 9 total carats dangling from your ears as you walk into ANY room. And imagine them not costing you the fortune they appear to be.

These chandelier earrings are encrusted with 5 carats of lab cut crystalline (be it the Sapphire Blue shown, Argyle Pink, Diamond White, Canary Yellow, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, or Aquamarine) and 4 additional carats of diamond alternatives all set in 925 Sterling Silver.


Our standard shipping is USPS First Class. Please note that we ship all orders from our Boca Raton, FL warehouse Monday through Friday. All orders are usually shipped from our warehouse within 1-2 business days (M-F) of the purchase date. If an order is placed after 1PM Eastern Time on Friday, it will be shipped the following week.


Anna Zuckerman Luxury offers sterling silver jewelry plated with high-quality metal. The plating technology ensures they are protected from elements and keep shining. This materials process is ideal because it allows us to offer an affordable price while still being a high-quality, long-lasting item.

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Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

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Anna’s high-quality gems are derived through an ethical, violence-free, and ecologically responsible process. This ensures that the gems are truly beautiful from the inside out.