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About Anna Zuckerman Luxury

Anna Zuckerman, the owner and founder, hails from a family dedicated to the art of goldsmithing. After more than 20 years in the jewelry industry, Anna felt limited within the confines of traditional jewelry sales. In short, she saw a need for luxury jewelry designed for everyday lifestyles and budgets.

Anna Zuckerman Luxury on Display

“Every woman deserves to sparkle,” was her simple mantra, and it’s a mission that drives Anna Zuckerman Luxury (AZL) to this day. Our sole purpose is to create incredible jewels that every woman (and suiter) can afford, empowering women of all walks of life to shine bright by embracing their beauty, confidence, and strength.

And we’re committed to accomplishing that with as little environmental impact as possible.

While exploring production options for her new line of jewelry, Anna researched state-of-the-art, conscientiously derived, precious metals and stones, as well as the nanotechnology behind it. She personally developed what is now known as Diamond Coated Crystalline with the manufacturing experts; a new finishing technique that truly gives lab-created jewels the same intricate beauty of diamonds, while ensuring they remain both high in quality and shockingly affordable.

Currently, more than 500 retailers in six countries carry the AZL brand. 

Our Bottom Line: Beautiful gems should not be reserved for royalty or the red carpet...and women should not have to save up or longingly wish for quality luxury that doesn’t cost a fortune.

About Anna

Anna at Work

Anna loves traveling for work and pleasure, especially when she can bring her family. She and her husband are grateful for their two teenagers who keep them plugged into the Digital Age with things like TikTok, while she broadens their horizons with trips to the symphony. It works because it is a musical household. She plays piano and the kids play guitar and violin.

When not on family time, Anna is constantly researching new and innovative ways to ethically source gems and provide the most accessible luxury fashion on the market.