• Diamond Crystalline, the most desired diamond alternative by Anna Zuckerman

    Anna Zuckerman's mission is to define sustainable demi-fine jewelry by offering the same precious look and feel of luxury at an accessible price point while helping to reduce ecological damage and destruction from material wastage.

    By repurposing salvaged lab-grown diamonds and gem materials that would otherwise go to waste, the Anna Zuckerman collection creates new beauty while extending the life cycle of existing materials through Diamond CrystallineTM, a man-made gem that is so remarkably similar in appearance to a genuine diamond; it takes a trained eye to spot the difference.

    The process starts by hand selecting the highest-grade cubic zirconia and coating it with tiny particles of lab-grown diamonds, crystallizing the entire stone through a vaporization process of extreme heat and pressure conditions. The result ensures that the gems never get cloudy or foggy and always maintain a brilliant sparkle comparable to diamonds.

    Anna Zuckerman offers Diamond Crystalline gems in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, providing customers with a wide range of options to choose from, crafted only in precious sterling silver finished with platinum or 18k gold.

    The Anna Zuckerman Diamond Crystalline is not just a product but a symbol of progress and innovation. It represents a new way of thinking about luxury and sustainability, leading the way to a new era of luxury, free from the harmful effects of mining and destruction.

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