Diamond Crystalline, ethically and sustainably sourced gems

Ethically Sourced Materials

Anna’s high-quality gems are derived through an ethical, violence-free, and ecologically responsible process. This ensures that the gems are truly beautiful from the inside out.


Anna Zuckerman Luxury Talks Sustainable, Ethical Jewelry 

Here at AZL, we like to have fun and promote an environment as free from stress as possible, but sometimes we want to be serious about why we’re here and why we create and sell these very specific collections...because if you don’t get serious about what’s wrong, there’s no path towards making it right. 

We’ve all heard the terms “blood diamonds” and “conflict diamonds,” and we know they are derived from areas that sell these gems to either finance or overthrow a government. Both scenarios use questionable tactics all along the lines of production, and either option leaves most people aware of such circumstances forced to find another means to sparkle, because looking gorgeous is not worth contributing to the world’s greed and chaos. 

Anna herself was facing that quandary while owning and operating her traditional jewelry store in the late 90s and early 2,000s, when the facts behind precious jewelry procurement and distribution became rampant. That’s when she researched options in sustainable, ethical jewelry, and the true Anna Zuckerman Luxury collection was born. 


So, what *Is* Sustainable, Ethical Jewelry? 

From the AZL perspective, sustainable gemstones and metals are acquired with as little damage to the planet as possible. Extracting gems and metals impacts the environment, there’s no question. By recycling old jewels and turning to laboratories for production of new gems that doesn’t involve digging or polluting, we can minimize the environmental impact of looking fabulous. 

The bottom line for ethical gemstones and metals, on the other hand, is them being procured without harming individuals, communities, or countries. Everyone along the supply chain, from miners to polishers to metalsmiths, should be paid fairly while in safe working conditions. Again, it comes back to individual responsibility and the very personal answer to the question, “If I can help improve someone else’s life, and the life of their family, simply by making a small concession in how I dress or accessorize...shouldn’t I?” 


In Accordance with “Sustainable Fashion” 

Admittedly, sustainability is a term you can apply to almost anything. At the end of the day, we want future generations to enjoy the same luxuries we do. Were the item in question a garment, for example, it would have to be eco-friendly, ethically made, lasting, and accessible for it to be considered “sustainable.” That is why AZL uses those very same requirements for our jewelry as well. 

Sustainability has three equally important categories: Environmental, Economic, and Social. How do these apply to AZL? Consider... 

Environmentally Sustainable – We are constantly innovating to make these collections accessible to everyone, while only using materials from manufactures that are proven to be non-polluters who practice zero waste. 

Economically Sustainable – We provide a fair income for everyone in our distribution chain, while still providing accessible pricing for everyone who want to look amazing without impacting their savings OR the environment. 

Societally Sustainable – There are no barriers to AZL. Our customers come in many sizes from many backgrounds, and *all* are welcome. We offer an inclusive product for every economic and social scale, and AZL rejects racism and bigotry in every form. 

No business is perfect. But you have the promise of every member of the Anna Zuckerman Luxury team, that we will continually work towards being better, and invite every fashionista who cares about the future to join us on this collective journey.