ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Anastasia 41 Necklace Regular price $695.00


Bright and alluring, yet evocative of a mystery, AZL associates the brilliance of round cut designs with an historically mystifying figure.

Anastasiya Nikolayevna was a grand duchess and the youngest daughter of the last emperor of Russia.

She has been the subject of plays, films, Rolling Stones lyrics, and (da) even fashion trends.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Arabella 17 Necklace Regular price $895.00


Multifaceted and intricate, the AZL Asscher cut references a number of historical figures, including Arabella Stuart, the cousin of James I and next in line for Elizabeth I's throne.

Her grandmother, Bess of Hardwick, was one of the richest and most influential women of that Age, after Elizabeth herself, which is likely why Arabella became such a fashion constant.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Diana 31 Canary Yellow Bracelet Regular price $895.00


Does any single name evoke eloquent style and quiet sophistication like Diana?

Our cushion and princess cut settings, like Diana herself, have a storied history and will never go out of style.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Elizabeth 46 Earrings Regular price $299.00


Represented by our pear shape stones, blending the Marquise and oval cuts to create a signature silhouette that is instantly recognized and admired, Elizabeth I's reign became known as the Elizabethan Era, famous for the flourishing English drama and expanding exploration.

Elizabeth II was born into royalty assuming the title of queen in 1952, and remains to this day.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY Simulant Gem Jewelry Grace Collection


The classic lines and understated elegance of our emerald cut stones speak Grace to us. Grace Kelly was an American film actress who, after starring in several significant movies, became Princess of Monaco by marrying Prince Rainier III in 1956.

Princess Grace became a permanent fixture in our collective pop culture perception from that moment on.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  House of Cards 03 Mother of Pearl Necklace Regular price $99.00

House of Cards

Our House of Cards collection, featuring sweet inlaid hearts, is our nod to the Queen of Hearts.

She's not the only queen in the deck, but her many hearts provide near limitless inspiration, while these inlaid stones make the perfect forget-me-not.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  House of Zuckerman 98 Chevron Bracelet Regular price $199.00

House of Zuckerman

This isn't the House of Gucci or the House of Chanel...this is the House of Zuckerman, where Anna's design talents are allowed to flourish, and she chooses her absolute favorites to bear her name.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Olivia 10 Stars Necklace Regular price $199.00


Simple yet glamorous, sophisticated without being ostentatious, this elegant white gems collection speaks to us in the hushed tones of Dame Olivia De Havilland.

Known for classic golden age films (Gone with the Wind), Olivia was a British-American actress whose career spanned more than 50 years.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Omni 12 Ring Regular price$99.00


Omni means all, and this collection showcases all the colors fit for a queen. The rainbow has come to mean many things to many people.

Let your pride show with this fabulous assortment of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Kate 06 MRS Necklace Regular price$199.00


With items that are both reserved and yet quietly outspoken, the perfect distinction for these new pieces was “Kate.”

Kate Middleton, or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has had a varied journey to her place in the British Royal Family.

It’s easy to see how this captures her understated elegance, along with her indefatigable dedication to love and family.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Royal 04 Tiara Collection Canary Yellow Regular price $1,995.00


Our Royal collection features signature Tiaras for the most special occasions.

ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY  Victoria 12 Earrings Regular price $199.00


Recapture the feeling of stature and opulence with pieces from our Victorian collection, featuring oval or Marquise shaped crystalline.

Victoria was Queen of England for over 6 decades, overseeing a period of industrial, political, and scientific change in the UK.

Her Golden and Diamond Jubilees were times of public celebration.